Lexus CT Owner Blog: Thoughts on Infotainment

My plan for this month’s post on the CT owner’s blog was to sing the praises of the Display Audio controller, the circular dial interface for recent Lexus models without navigation installed.
Kevin · May 31st, 2015

New Details on the 2016 Lexus LX 570 Update

Japanese magazine Best Car has published a rendering of the updated 2016 Lexus LX 570 expected later this year, and it shows what could be the largest spindle grille in the brand’s history.
Kevin · May 31st, 2015

Lexus LS 500h Trademarked in Europe

Lexus has filed a trademark for the LS 500h in Europe, opening up speculation that the next-generation LS flagship will be getting a new hybrid powertrain.
Kevin · May 27th, 2015

Photo: The Lexus LF-SA in Sketches

Today’s image comes from the Lexus ED2 design studio in Europe, with these digital sketches of the LF-SA compact car concept.
Kevin · May 26th, 2015

Photo: The Lexus LS 600h F SPORT

During the press trip for the 2013 Lexus LS in San Francisco, I lucked out with an opportunity to drive the LS 600h F SPORT — a short wheelbase hybrid F SPORT model is just about as rare as you can get in North America.
Kevin · May 21st, 2015

Photo Gallery: The Lexus of Westminster Car Meet in Southern California

The Lexus of Westminster dealership in Southern California hosted their Summer 8 meet this past weekend, and Lexus Enthusiast site administrator Mike Forsythe was there to provide live coverage of the event. Here’s his recap, along with photos from our friends at Kaizen Factor & the Drive Marketing Group.
Kevin · May 21st, 2015

Photo: The Lexus GS Takes Flight

Among the many museums and galleries in the Ottawa area is the Canada Aviation and Space Museum, which tells the history of flight and aerodynamics and speed.
Kevin · May 20th, 2015

The Lexus YET Design Philosophy

Clicking around on the Lexus International website, I came across this excellent description of the brand’s design philosophy.
Kevin · May 19th, 2015

What is Lexus Planning for the Next-Generation LS?

One of the most interesting exchanges in our podcast interview with Lexus International executive vice-president Mark Templin was a discussion on the definition of a Lexus halo car.
Kevin · May 14th, 2015

Photo: The Lexus RC F in Ultra White

The recent photos of the Lexus GS F in Ultra White reminded me of this photo I took during the RC F press event last August.
Kevin · May 12th, 2015

Three-Row Crossover a Top Priority for Lexus

In an Automotive News interview, Toyota North America CEO Jim Lentz admits that Lexus missed a sales opportunity by working on the RC coupe rather than a three-row seven-seat crossover.
Kevin · May 12th, 2015

Photo: The Lexus CT Art Project

Last year, Lexus Korea worked with local artists to create a series of amazing photos with the CT 200h F SPORT.
Kevin · May 11th, 2015

Photo: Lexus RC F in the Rain

Here’s a photo from last year’s RC F launch party at Lexus of Route 10, taken by Al Norris.
Kevin · May 6th, 2015

Photo: Lexus RC F SPORT & Lexus SC Together

One of the best things to come out of this weekend’s Toyotafest in Southern California was this impromptu photoshoot with a Lexus RC F SPORT and a first generation Lexus SC.
Kevin · May 4th, 2015

Lexus April 2015 Sales Report

Lexus USA is off to the best yearly start in the brand's history, and Lexus Canada set a new monthly sales record for the seventh consecutive time.
LexFather · May 1st, 2015