Lexus USA Customer Service Team joins the Lexus Enthusiast Forums!

Lexus USA Customer Service Announcement

Big news! The Lexus USA customer service department have joined the Lexus Enthusiast forums, and they’re ready to assist with questions about your Lexus vehicles.

To participate, please post in the official Lexus Customer Service forum – these forums work in a very specific way:

  • All submitted questions are first reviewed by the Lexus team before being made public, meaning your post will not be immediately visible.
  • The Lexus team will either respond to your question publicly or contact you directly via the forum’s private message system to resolve your issue.
  • The Lexus team will review posts in this forum Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM–12 PM PST. Questions posted during evenings or weekends will be reviewed the following business day.

Please note, the Lexus CS are here to help owners, and will only be monitoring this specific forum. They will not answer questions about future product, strategic direction, or brand speculation. Also, I should point out that Lexus Enthusiast has not received any monetary compensation for this valuable service.

We are very excited to welcome Lexus USA customer service representatives Matt, Sean, Michael, and Sandra to our Lexus Enthusiast community!