New Details on the 2016 Lexus LX 570 Update

Japanese magazine Best Car has published a rendering of the updated 2016 Lexus LX 570 expected later this year, and it shows what could be the largest spindle grille in the brand’s history.

Some outlets are reporting this to be an actual leak, but look at the image closely and you can see the illustrated elements:

Lexus LX 2016 Update Closeup

(Another clear giveaway is the interior image in the corner, unchanged from the current design.)

Regardless of authenticity, the image is likely a very close approximation to what the front end of the 2016 LX will look like. Motoring Australia is reporting that the updated flagship SUV will be revealed in August, and if true we won’t have to wait long to see the real thing.

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  • L
  • May 31, 2015
i'm surprised you haven't published an article about the chris evans interview were clarkson said the best car he's ever driven on top gear this is quite an epic feat considering he said it after driving the mclaren P1 (which is a very very goosd car itself)
  • U
  • May 31, 2015
So, to those people who work with Lexus and have already seen the real thing, does it look anything like this?
  • U
  • May 31, 2015
Btw that picture of the interior is from the current model.
  • R
  • May 31, 2015
I love the bold spindle grill.
  • T
  • June 1, 2015
I'm going to try to convince my brother to get the 2016 LX 570 however he also wants either an Audi S7 or the RS7, Audi Q7 or the upcoming Q8. We'll just have to wait and see...
  • A
    Amr Ahmed
  • June 1, 2015
What do you do Lexus ?? It was supposed to be full of change and not this revision 8 years after the passage of the current version of the Lexus retreat for the issuance of the new generation if this news is true Whereas other products take its natural even change completely For example: rx 2016 has a new modern specifications developed by Lexus, which differs from its predecessor Jdhiran The question here is why does not lx 570 this change, which makes it unique in terms of size and characteristics given There are many people who are waiting for the new generation LX 570 with new products in NX and RX specifications in terms of modernity in the product And the other question: How long is the life of a generation LX 570 ???????? LX 570 to be outside the state change of the Lexus in its products
  • C
  • June 1, 2015
If this leak is accurate, this front-end refresh would imply another (typical) three years of life in the current body.
  • N
    Newport Lexus George
  • June 1, 2015
I'm going to be very disappointed if this is all they do to "update" the LX.
  • I
  • June 7, 2015
I'm just hoping that the change will be more significant than the picture above suggests. I have high hopes for the LX, even though it is a thirsty car, it's still a great car. It's insanely reliable, comfortable and very nice to drive. Fingers crossed for this new change!