Photo Gallery: The Lexus of Westminster Car Meet in Southern California

Lexus of Westminster Car Meet

The Lexus of Westminster dealership in Southern California hosted their Summer 8 meet this past weekend, and Lexus Enthusiast site administrator Mike Forsythe was there to provide live coverage of the event. Here’s his recap, along with photos from our friends at Kaizen Factor & the Drive Marketing Group.

It’s always great to see dealerships give back to the enthusiasts, and Lexus of Westminster did just that with their annual Summer meet. It was held in the separate service area of the dealership, and there was ample space for over 150 stock and modified Lexus vehicles in attendance.

As to be expected in SoCal, the weather was fantastic. Music was playing in the background all day, the staff and volunteers were all there to offer a helping hand, there was free food and drinks, friendly owners, and a full show of amazing Lexus vehicles — perfect!

There were some amazing full VIP builds, the RC F #Instabuilt from VIP Auto Salon and even some rare cars like a stock IS 300 Sportcross and original SC 400 brought by Lexus International’s Paul Williamson.

The row of over 20 IS Fs parked together was super impressive as some of the crews that came together, and there was an amazing selection of IS sedans:

To end the day, Lexus Enthusiast raffled off a couple premium memberships before the grand prize set of Vossen Wheels and Nitto tires. The winner had just bought his RC 350 F SPORT days earlier at the dealership, you couldn’t script a better story!

Big thanks to Pete and our good friend Larry Rodgers of Lexus of Westminster for organizing such a great event and we will see you next year!

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  • May 21, 2015
Nice meet and familiar cars like the Seafoam Instragram RCF and 3ISVader's among others. This is giving me the itch for our #FSportSunday meet June 28th!
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  • May 21, 2015
#FSportSunday Meet! Woohoo!
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  • May 22, 2015
Fantastic turnout! It's awesome to see such a variety of vehicles!