What is Lexus Planning for the Next-Generation LS?

Lexus Project LS F SPORT

One of the most interesting exchanges in our podcast interview with Lexus International executive vice-president Mark Templin was a discussion on the definition of a Lexus halo car:

Mark Templin: A lot of people saw the LFA as the halo car that it really was, but I think there’s a lot of forms for a halo car.

To us, the RC F, the GS F, and other products we have coming will also be halo cars. In a way, we may even have versions of the LS that are halo cars in the future as well.

Lexus Enthusiast: So you really do see the F brand as the halo of Lexus…

Mark: We see it as one of the halos, that’s the performance halo. So you’re going to see performance halos, you’re going to see luxury halos, and you may even see halos that are…how do I say this without giving up too much information…I think you’ll see several segments of halo cars within the Lexus brand.

There’s plenty of room for speculation here in regards to the future of the LS. My initial guess would be the introduction of a high performance LS F, as this would be the logical progression for the model.

Even so, there’s something very curious in the idea of a “luxury halo” as well. Could we see an LS model above the current LS 600hL, perhaps powered by fuel cell technology?

The above image is the Project LS F SPORT SEMA build from Five Axis