More Fuel Cell Lexus LS Rumors

Lexus LS Fuel Cell Rumors

Lexus will introduce a fuel cell version of the LS flagship, according to a new Motoring Australia article from Peter Lyon:

According to one source, the LS’s nose section will be redesigned with larger air intakes to ventilate the hydrogen powered electric system. The car will incorporate a fuel-cell unit under the front seat, a hydrogen tank under the rear seat and another tank under the rear parcel shelf.

Tipping the scales at around 2100kg (at least 200kg less than the existing LS hybrids), the LS FCEV will incorporate a power unit combining a 150kW fuel-cell stack and a powerful 220kW electric motor to deliver a potential emissions-free driving range of 384km.

Much of this information mirrors the article from Japanese magazine Best Car released earlier in the month, so it’s likely both are working from the same source.

If true, this move would show great ambition from Lexus, although much of the initial risk will be assumed by the Toyota Mirai.

There’s also another interesting tidbit in the Motoring Australia article:

Toyota has confirmed the Mirai will be followed by other fuel-cell powered models over the next decade, including a large SUV with a fuel consumption target of around 3.6L/100km.

The mind boggles at a fuel cell LX delivering that kind of fuel efficiency. Amazing technology, with so much potential.

[Source: Motoring Australia]