Next Generation Lexus LS to be a Fuel Cell Vehicle?

Lexus LS Next-Generation

According to Japanese magazine Best Car, the next-generation Lexus LS will be a Fuel Cell Vehicle (FCV) powered at least in part by hydrogen.

Not being able to read Japanese, I can only go by the pictures on the page — here’s the key illustration:

Lexus LS Fuel Cell Illustration

Let’s compare it to the Toyota Fuel Cell System found in the Toyota Mirai:

Lexus Toyota Mirai

There are some visible differences between the two setups, which makes sense — the Mirai has a drive motor capable of 151 horsepower and 247 lb-ft of torque, fine in a small car but wouldn’t work in the Lexus flagship sedan.

Even so, it’s tough to say if this Fuel Cell system would be a compliment to the next-generation LS’s internal combustion engine or replace it all together.

Here’s the full page from Best Car, if anyone out there can provide more details:

Lexus LS Fuel Cell Best Car Full Page

(And how about the headlights on the LS rendering? I might just like them.)

[Source: Best Car]