New Videos: The Next Generation 2016 Lexus RX

Lexus RX 2016 Next-Generation

Big moment today, as two new videos on the next-generation 2016 Lexus RX have been released — the first is a video interview with RX chief engineer Takayuki Katsuda:

The swirling lights and graphical elements give us a very good look at the new RX, but it was this quote from Katsuda-san that I found most interesting:

I would just like to say that it’s been ten years since I first started the development of the RX. I appreciated and enjoyed this happy period, and now I can tell you with confidence that everything I’ve dreamed of these years has ALL been achieved.

The second video is a similar-style video with the RX chief designer Gen Ikeda:

There’s an interior focus to this video, showing off the redesigned heads-up display and infotainment system:

Lexus RX Heads-up Display
Lexus RX Redesigned Infotainment
Lexus RX Remote Touch Controller

These videos are the first in what’s sure to be a long reveal on RX features and technology, and it’s a great start — highly recommended viewing.