Lexus & The Global Brand Study 2008

Interbrand’s annual Best Global Brands study has been completed, and Lexus has ranked 90th overall, and 10th among automotive brands: When compared to last year’s study, Lexus is moving up the ladder, climbing two spots. The value of the brand, calculated from combination of analysts’ projections, company financial documents, and qualitative and quantitative analysis stands …
Kevin · September 30th, 2008

Car And Driver Reviews the Lexus LX 570

Car And Driver has posted a short and sweet review of the Lexus LX 570 which might very well sum up both the good and the bad: Never has it been more politically incorrect to sing the praises of a passenger vehicle that weighs 6180 pounds, attains observed fuel economy of 14 mpg, and costs …
Kevin · September 30th, 2008

Flickr Find: Lexus GS on 360 Forged Mesh Eights

It was only days ago that I posted a Flickr photo, but this new set from 360° Forged photographer William Stern (see previous feature here) is beyond stunning: The wheels are 360° Forged Mesh Eights, matte black and super. You can see the rest of the set here. (In fact, this car/wheel combo is right …
Kevin · September 29th, 2008

1998 Motorweek Review of the Lexus GS 400

Youtube user bajabusta is back with another round of Lexus clips from Motorweek, this time a review of the then-newly released GS 400: The last-gen GS is still a great looking car, but this video really demonstrates just how much the LCD screen improved the interior. The inside of the featured test-model doesn’t look much …
Kevin · September 29th, 2008

National Post Comparison: Lexus IS-F vs. Nissan GT-R

David Booth, a columnist with Canada’s National Post, has posted up his latest column comparing the Lexus IS-F with the Nissan GT-R, and it’s just as expertly written and to the point as I’ve come to expect: With the IS-F, you have time to prepare for the acceleration as the big 5.0-litre V8 gathers itself …
Kevin · September 26th, 2008

Flickr Find: Lexus LF-A Roadster Eye Level

Been a while since I featured an image from Flickr, and this photo of the Lexus LF-A by j.hietter is a perfect way to get back on track: The colors are great in this picture, the LF-A just seems to photograph so well, from any angle.
Kevin · September 25th, 2008

Mr. Bill Commercial for the 1999 Lexus GS 400

Keeping with the commercial I posted yesterday, this 1999 Lexus GS 400 commercial featuring Mr. Bill is in the self-same vein: I guess 1999 was the comedic years of Lexus advertising! (I’m almost surprised the commercial didn’t end like this Mr. Bill SNL skit):  
Kevin · September 24th, 2008

Lexus Hybrid Advertisement Banned in UK

In a replay of last year, a Lexus RX 450h 400h advertisement has been banned by the UK’s Advertising Standards Authority: (Click for a larger version) The press ad, for the Lexus RX 400h, made the claim: “perfect for today’s climate. (And tomorrow’s) … Driving the world’s first luxury hybrid SUV makes environmental, and economic, …
Kevin · September 24th, 2008

Lexus Launches L Studio Broadband Channel

Lexus has launched an online entertainment “channel” today called L Studio, which looks to be a continuation of the company’s movement towards becoming a true lifestyle brand. From Reuters: The carmaker is launching an Internet-only branded channel Tuesday (September 23) stocked with a full slate of original programing headlined by [Lisa] Kudrow [from Friends] in …
Kevin · September 23rd, 2008

I Dream of Jeannie Lexus RX Commerical

It’s only nine years old, but this 1999 Lexus RX commercial featuring Jeannie from I Dream of Jeannie really feels like it’s from another era entirely: Lexus’ current phase of emotionally-driven advertising is interesting and all, but there’s definitely something to be said for some straight forward throwaway humor.
Kevin · September 23rd, 2008

SEMA 2008: Import Tuner’s Lexus IS-F (Work in Progress)

With four modified Lexus IS-Fs expected at SEMA this year, it’s only a matter of time before each and every one of them makes an Internet appearance. We’ve already seen the Fox Marketing/Artisan Performance IS-F, and now Import Tuner Magazine has posted some work-in-progress photos of their project car, including the shot above of an …
Kevin · September 22nd, 2008

Lexus GS 450h Finishes 6th in Targa Newfoundland

The Targa Newfoundland race concluded on Saturday, with Lexus GS 450h making a late push to finish 6th place. Here’s the summary written by Team Lexus’ driver, Mark Lachapelle: Team Targa Lexus chose to make a very different entrance and arrival. Co-driver Alan Ockwell and I simply drove up in total silence, running on electric …
Kevin · September 21st, 2008

Winding Road Takes on Tokyo, the Lexus IS-F and the Nissan GT-R

The latest issue of Winding Road magazine has a feature article that brings together the new class of Japanese performance cars for a test drive through Tokyo, and the Lexus IS-F is rewarded with a large helping of praise: The IS-F is almost as striking as the GT-R. The bulbous nose that struggles to contain …
Kevin · September 19th, 2008

Lexus GS 450h Targa Update

It’s been an up and down couple days for the Targa GS 450h — after completing Day 1 with zero errors, Team Lexus fell back to 15th place on Day 2. And now, yesterday, they surged forward and ended the stage in 8th position. This is quite a feat, though driver Marc Lachapelle stays humble …
Kevin · September 18th, 2008

Lexus LF-A Continues Nürburgring Testing

Regardless of the rumor Autoblog was circulating about the Lexus LF-A’s demise, prototype testing is still ongoing at Nürburgring, and Motor Authority has the photos to prove it. Here’s a sampling: Nothing we haven’t seen before, though I can never pass up the chance to post matte black paint jobs. That last photo is curious, …
Kevin · September 18th, 2008

Lexus LF-Xh Press Release Photo

Having debuted last year, the announcement that the Lexus LF-Xh concept would be at the Paris Auto Show didn’t really elicit a reaction from me — that is, until I saw this stunning photo released by Lexus Europe to mark the occasion: (Be sure to click on the image to get the full version, it’s …
Kevin · September 17th, 2008

Lexus GS 450h Targa Racer Video (Plus an Update)

Today, we have some seriously short video clips of the Lexus GS 450h currently racing around the Targa Newfoundland course. There’s quite a few on Youtube, but these two here are the best indication of the speed and conditions: As far as the race itself, Team Lexus had a great showing yesterday: Results for Day …
Kevin · September 16th, 2008

Lexus GS 450h Competes in Targa Newfoundland Race

The race-modified Lexus GS 450h has returned to the Targa Newfoundland race after competing last year. Running from September 13-20, the team behind the hybrid racer is keeping a great blog over at Autonet. Here’s an excerpt from yesterday’s post, after completion of the Prologue stage: And for our first pass through the much tighter …
Kevin · September 15th, 2008

2009 Lexus IS 220d Photos

Lexus Europe’s press release about the new IS 250 C Convertible also included some information regarding the Europe-only 2009 IS 220d: Refreshed interior and exterior styling represents a further evolution of Lexus’ unique L-finesse design philosophy. Modifications to suspension, steering, transmissions and paddle shift technology offer notable improvements to driving dynamics. Aerodynamics and transmission enhancements …
Kevin · September 12th, 2008

New Lexus LX 570 Print Ads

There’s a new set of Lexus LX 570 print ads making the rounds, and I can’t stress how impressed I am by them (click on the images below for a larger version): These ads highlight the LX’s 360° camera view, an elaborate system that even allows looking around corners. (I really like the abstract look …
Kevin · September 11th, 2008

Fifth Gear Comparison: Lexus IS-F vs. BMW M3

In terms of sheer entertainment, this clip from Fifth Gear judging the Lexus IS-F and the BMW M3 by how high they get a woman’s heartrate is pure dead brilliant: A very enjoyable piece (and it’s duly noted that Tiff has to cheat at the end to get the M3 above the IS-F). Update: Didn’t …
Kevin · September 10th, 2008

Lexus IS 250 C Convertible to be Introduced at Paris Motor Show

It’s been a rumor for a while now, but Lexus today confirmed that the IS 250 Convertible, or the IS 250 C, will be making its official debut at the Paris Motor Show. Details are sparse, the only thing the press release was clear about was the introduction date: Further information and images will be …
Kevin · September 10th, 2008

SEMA 2008: Fox Marketing/Artisan Lexus IS-F will produce 600hp

There’s been some new(ish) details released regarding the Fox Marketing/Artisan Lexus IS-F that’s scheduled to be shown at SEMA. As is my tendency these last couple days, let’s outline the mods in convenient bullet-points: The engine will be pumping out an abundant 600hp (estimated) due to a twin-turbo setup using compressed air, JE pistons, Crower …
Kevin · September 9th, 2008

Assorted Lexus 2009 Price Changes

The remaining 2009 Lexus model updates & US price changes are small, so let’s just put them all together: ES 350: Unchanged for 2009, the ES 350 will see a fractional price increase of $200, bringing the base MSRP to $34,320. GS 350/460: All versions of the gas engine GS will have a $300 price …
Kevin · September 8th, 2008

2009 Lexus IS-F Changes

Though not as extensive as the Lexus IS, the 2009 IS-F will also be getting some changes. Let’s summarize: Revised instrument panel cluster design Illuminated mirror controls & a new open/close moonroof switch A Piano-black center-cluster finish for navigation-equipped vehicles New terra cotta and black two-tone interior The new interior is a bizarre combo, I …
Kevin · September 8th, 2008

2009 Lexus IS Pricing

The upcoming changes to the 2009 Lexus IS won’t be causing much in the way of a price increase in the United States. The new facelift will only see a $300 jump in price, regardless of which version is purchased. In Canada, the 2009 IS 250 RWD & IS 350 will both see a $400 …
Kevin · September 5th, 2008

2009 Lexus IS Commercial from Japan

The new 2009 Lexus IS facelift has certainly started picking up some steam this week, and now we have a commercial from Japan that shows the updated model carting around Cinderella: Nice to see the integrated turn signals in action, however brief.
Kevin · September 5th, 2008

Lexus Tops in Customer Loyalty

J.D. Power’s has released a first quarter report on Customer Loyalty, a study that determines what percentage of car buyers stick with the same manufacturer when purchasing a new vehicle. In the study, Lexus lead the way at 48%, four points higher than BMW and nearly four points over Mercedes. I find this to be …
Kevin · September 4th, 2008

2009 Lexus IS Information & Photos

Official 2009 Lexus IS photos have surfaced today, along with a promise that the mid-cycle facelift will debut at the Paris Auto Show. Before getting to the photos, though, let’s do a full breakdown of the various nips & tucks: Exterior Revised front bumper with reworked lower air intake and fog lights Expanded front grille …
Kevin · September 3rd, 2008

Lexus USA August 2008 Sales Report

Lexus’ August sales numbers are in, and it’s not that bad, considering the year so far: 2008 2007 % Change IS250/350/F 6,318 5,381 17.4 ES350 7,881 8,646 -8.8 GS350/460/450h 1,686 2,300 -26.7 SC430 187 298 -37.2 LS460/600h L 1,772 3,164 -44.0 Total Cars 17,844 19,789 -9.8 RX350/400h 8,969 10,032 -10.6 GX470 1,720 2,157 -20.3 LX570 …
Kevin · September 3rd, 2008

Lexus ES 350 Commercial: Perspective

This latest Lexus commercial for the ES is a riff on the automobile-as-art-piece, displaying a blown up cross section in what looks like an art gallery: I loved this commercial tagline the first time around, and hearing it the second time makes me wonder why it isn’t played up in more commercials. Works really well.
Kevin · September 2nd, 2008

Lightweight Lexus IS-F Planned

Although it seems like a rehash of known information, German Dutch magazine Autotelegraaph reports that Lexus will not only release a coupe/convertible version of the IS in 2009, but that work continues on a lightweight IS-F. Motor Trend summarizes: Autotelegraaph reports that Lexus has been channeling Lotus and already has a lightened test model running …
Kevin · September 1st, 2008