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Lexus GS 450h Targa Racer Video (Plus an Update)

Today, we have some seriously short video clips of the Lexus GS 450h currently racing around the Targa Newfoundland course. There’s quite a few on Youtube, but these two here are the best indication of the speed and conditions:

As far as the race itself, Team Lexus had a great showing yesterday:

Results for Day One were finally posted and Team Lexus has now officially finished a day at Targa Newfoundland with a perfect score of zero penalty points, along with thirteen other teams. So we can say we led the overall standings at Targa – an honour shared with a baker’s dozen of other teams – for a day.

Realistically, this perfect score might very likely soon become a memory to cherish for some of the teams, because things will get more difficult for everyone today. They certainly will for us, as we tackle two tight stages to start the day. With the weight of our trusty Gs450h, these are typically the most difficult in conditions that reward great agility and fierce acceleration.