Lexus GS 450h Finishes 6th in Targa Newfoundland

Team Lexus Targa Newfoundland

The Targa Newfoundland race concluded on Saturday, with Lexus GS 450h making a late push to finish 6th place. Here’s the summary written by Team Lexus’ driver, Mark Lachapelle:

Team Targa Lexus chose to make a very different entrance and arrival. Co-driver Alan Ockwell and I simply drove up in total silence, running on electric power only. For us, it was the best proof that you can run hard for six days (counting the three Prologue stages last Sunday), make it to the finish and still be as environmentally-friendly and quiet as possible, in a modern car. Not to mention competitively.

We finished sixth overall and became repeat winners in the Hybrid division, of course, but we also finished a virtual third in the Modern division with our two-ton-plus hybrid-powered sedan, bested only by a pair of rally-inspired, all-wheel drive compact sedans with about 350 horsepower each. Third place in Modern officially went to brothers Hugo and Maxime Vadeboncoeur in a Honda CRX, who also won the Baldhead trophy handed out to the best rookies.

(To clear up any confusion in that last paragraph, Marc refers to the fact that the GS was in the Hybrid category, and not Modern.)

Congratulations to entire Team Lexus, who significantly improved on their 2007 18th place finish. I really enjoyed following along on their progress, and I’m already looking forward to next year’s event.