Car And Driver Reviews the Lexus LX 570

Lexus LX 570

Car And Driver has posted a short and sweet review of the Lexus LX 570 which might very well sum up both the good and the bad:

Never has it been more politically incorrect to sing the praises of a passenger vehicle that weighs 6180 pounds, attains observed fuel economy of 14 mpg, and costs $75,465. Poor Toyota. A perfect trifecta of bad timing.

Which is a little embarrassing for us because every C/D editor who drove the new LX570 came back to the office, looked sheepishly at his shoes, then said in a small voice, “Holy crap, I love that thing.”

Drive solo in this behemoth and enviro-conscious citizens give you the stink eye, as if you’ve fired up an unfiltered Camel in the produce section of Whole Foods. Which is a shame because the LX570 may well be the most desirable SUV on the planet.

There’s no doubt that with the current oil crisis plus the economic climate, the LX dips alarmingly into the obscene. The fact that it’s so brilliantly executed certainly confuses the issue, but in all honesty, the LX as it exists now won’t be able to last. (Personally, I’m going to enjoy it for as long as I can.)