Photo Gallery: Black Lexus RC F in Poland

The black Lexus RC F with the full carbon fiber package has shown up at the Lexus Warszawa-Wola dealership in Poland — here are some new photos: [Source: Lexus Warszawa-Wola Facebook] (Thanks Mariusz!)
Kevin · September 30th, 2014

CAR Magazine Reviews the 2015 Lexus NX 300h

CJ Hubbard at CAR Magazine has driven the 2015 Lexus NX 300h, and the resulting review speaks for itself: Combining one of the boldest SUV design statements ever with a sophisticated twin-motor E-Four hybrid four-wheel drive system, the NX is the best real world Lexus yet. The NX has a sense of style and purpose …
Kevin · September 30th, 2014

Photo Gallery: Lexus LFA & Toyota 2000GT at Vancouver Dealership

Just outside of Vancouver in the city of Richmond is OpenRoad Lexus, one of the most successful Lexus dealerships in Canada and home to a couple Toyota icons: the Lexus LFA & Toyota 2000GT. The #22 LFA is usually Pearl Red in color, but has recently been wrapped in matte silver and outfitted in 21″ …
Kevin · September 29th, 2014

Photos: New Lexus GS F Prototype Spotted in Europe!

A new Lexus GS F prototype has been spotted in Europe — here are some photos from World Car Fans: Very clearly, the GS F will be heavily influenced by the new RC F — the front end is near identical with the integrated oil cooler & engine cooler vents: On the side, there’s the …
Kevin · September 29th, 2014

Video Review: Matt Farah Drives the Lexus RC F

Smoking Tire founder and DRIVE TV host Matt Farah has released his Lexus RC F video, and it’s extremely positive: (Should note that there’s an extended 10-minute version of this review on DRIVE +, the subscription-only Youtube channel — don’t know that I’d signed up just to watch, the video above covers the key parts.)
Kevin · September 29th, 2014

What is Lexus Planning for its 25th Anniversary?

Tucked away in this video from the NX consumer launch in Tokyo is a curious statement from Lexus International executive vice-president Mark Templin: For those that missed it, here’s the quote: “Just wait for some of the great things we have coming for our 25th anniversary.” Lexus will officially celebrate its 25th anniversary in October, …
Kevin · September 28th, 2014

Photo Gallery: Lexus NX & World Tennis Star Agnieska Radwanska

Agnieska Radwanska, the number five ranked woman tennis player in the world, has modelled with the NX F SPORT as part of her sponsorship deal with Lexus: There’s also this behind-the-scenes video from the photo shoot: Lexus has sponsored Radwanska since 2012, when she faced off against seven-time champion Serena Williams in the Wimbledon final. [Source: …
Kevin · September 26th, 2014

Lexus RC & RC F Chief Engineers Discuss the Coupe’s Weight

Lexus RC chief engineer Eiichi Kusama has addressed the weight debate currently surrounding the new coupe — from Motoring Australia: “How fun to drive is more important than the other things I think,” Kusama told at least week’s RC launch in New York. “But of course after launch if the market needs other performance, …
Kevin · September 25th, 2014

Custom Lexus NX F SPORT Designed by Will.i.Am

The custom Lexus NX F SPORT designed by musician Will.i.Am was revealed at an event last night in Paris — let’s start off with the official images: The exterior reminds me of the custom-built IS F SPORT from SEMA last year — the wide-body is well-integrated, and the white carbon wheel arches works well: It’s …
Kevin · September 25th, 2014

Lexus RC F Chief Engineer Confirms CCS-R Race Car Variant

Lexus RC F chief engineer Yukihiro Yaguchi has confirmed that a CCS-R variant of the coupe will be built — from Motoring Australia: Yaguchi confirmed the two RC Fs would share the same engine and eight-speed automatic transmission and the same outputs. If it follows the example of the IS F CCS-R, then the RC …
Kevin · September 24th, 2014

Photos: Black Lexus RC F with Full Carbon Fiber Package

A black Lexus RC F with the full carbon fiber package has been spotted in Europe — there’s the above photo taken from the RC F Facebook fanpage, and a couple more photos of the super coupe aboard the SS Rotterdam in The Netherlands: (An Obsidian RC F would be the only time I would …
Kevin · September 24th, 2014

Lexus NX Nominated for 2015 North American Truck/Utility of the Year

The Lexus NX has made the short list for the 2015 North American Truck/Utility of the Year, joining 11 other vehicles including the Chevrolet Tahoe, Ford F-150, Porsche Macan, and Toyota Highlander. Next up, the award judges will choose three finalists from the group before naming a winner at the 2015 North American International Auto …
Kevin · September 23rd, 2014

Initial Lexus NX Orders in Japan Surpass Yearly Sales Goal

The Lexus NX is set to make a big sales impact in Japan — in just over a month, 9,500 orders have been made at dealerships. This is 1,357% of the expected sales goal of 700 units per month, meaning a full year’s inventory has already been sold. It’s important to note that the final …
Kevin · September 23rd, 2014

Updated Lexus RC F Performance Numbers

Lexus provided Motor Trend with an RC F updated with its final powertrain tuning for a raw performance test: It turns out we were able to achieve faster numbers than in the previous test. This time, our RC F hit 60 mph from a standstill in just 4.3 seconds, a 0.2 second improvement over the …
Kevin · September 22nd, 2014

Photo Gallery: Lexus RC 350 F SPORT in Downtown Toronto

Photographer Ste Ho recently took the Lexus RC 350 F SPORT on a late-night tour of downtown Toronto: (Ste has also just launched a new portfolio website that features plenty of Lexus vehicles — be sure to check it out.)
Kevin · September 22nd, 2014

CAR Magazine Reviews the Lexus RC F

Chris Chilton from CAR Magazine has reviewed the Lexus RC F, where the coupe is damned with faint praise in the way of most British Lexus reviews: On track, it feels absolutely faithful, the steering has a reassuring linearity to it and the brakes are strong. But it never feels as nimble or controlled as …
Kevin · September 22nd, 2014

Limited Edition Lexus NX Designed by Will.i.Am to Debut This Week

The limited-edition Lexus NX designed by musician Will.i.Am will be unveiled this week as part of Paris Fashion Week, and the above image has been released as a teaser for the custom model. (Going from the image, the NX exterior looks unchanged — it does appear that a custom color has been used, and the …
Kevin · September 21st, 2014

New Lexus HS 250 Special Edition Now Available in Japan

The Japan-only Lexus HS 250h will receive its second special edition of the year with this new Harmonious Leather Interior in Spindle Red: Any exterior color can be chosen (including Atomic Silver), and an exclusive Starlight Black option is available with the package. The HS 250h Harmonious Leather Interior II will launch in November and …
Kevin · September 19th, 2014

Photo Gallery: The Lexus IS F SPORT by Hypebeast

Hypebeast has released a stunning photo gallery of the 2014 Lexus IS F SPORT: (An excellent job by Photography by V — like photos from an official brochure.) [Source: Hypebeast]
Kevin · September 18th, 2014

Jalopnik Reviews the Lexus RC F

Travis Okulski of Jalopnik has reviewed the Lexus RC F, and it’s just full of that signature Jalopnik personality: Is the RC F better than a BMW M3? I haven’t driven the M3 yet, but I find it hard to think that the RC F would be better. But is that the point? Everyone in …
Kevin · September 18th, 2014

Lexus Europe Releases NX Commercial with Will.i.Am

Lexus Europe have released their new NX commercial featuring Will.i.Am: There’s also a behind-the-scenes look at how the commercial was created: Overall, the concept is great — the commercial takes the sharpness of the NX and applies it to the rest of the world. Clever. (Not crazy about the tie-in with Will.i.Am, as I’m not …
Kevin · September 17th, 2014

New Lexus IS F SPORT Commercial: Appearances

In the spirit of the F SPORT commercial released a couple months back, there’s a racy new Lexus IS commercial from the USA: (I liked it — the “it’s not what it looks like” bit is an old cliché, sure, but it works.)
Kevin · September 17th, 2014

Photochopping a Lexus RC F Convertible

Photochopper X-Tomi has created a Lexus RC F convertible for anyone curious what the super-coupe would look like with the roof gone. This X-Tomi’s second attempt, here’s the first from earlier this year: (Unlikely that a RC F convertible will be released due to super-coupe’s focus on rigidity and performance, but the standard RC is …
Kevin · September 16th, 2014

Video: The Sound of the Lexus RC F

Alborz Fallah of Car Advice has a video review of the Lexus RC F, and it has the best representation of the super-coupe’s sound I’ve heard so far: Fallah also has a written review: Behind the wheel the Lexus RC F is a true performance car; it feels just as a vehicle of its calibre …
Kevin · September 16th, 2014

Stunning New Lexus Dealership Opens in Malaysia

A beautiful new Lexus dealership has opened in Ipoh, Malaysia — here are some photos from Paul Tan: Lexus Ipoh is the seventh dealership in Malaysia, and is located along Jalan Kuala Kangsar in Perak’s capital city. The facilities include a four car showroom and a four-bay service centre. See more photos of Lexus Ipoh …
Kevin · September 15th, 2014

Lexus Studying High-Performance Hybrids

Lexus is studying high-performance hybrids for inclusion in the F brand lineup — from Motoring Australia: However, F chief engineer Yukihiko Yaguchi told that the sub brand’s high performance and circuit driving requirements meant hybrid technology still had issues. “In order to put the hybrid on track they need a little more development as …
Kevin · September 15th, 2014

Chris Harris Reviews the 2015 Lexus RC F

The Lexus RC F gets a mixed review from automotive journalist Chris Harris: Look, [the RC F is] just a very pleasant place to be. It ain’t no M4, but then it’ll be sold in tiny numbers, is arguably a much more appealing object, and for those who couldn’t care less about long powerslides, lap …
Kevin · September 14th, 2014

Driving the 2015 Lexus RC F

Two weeks ago, Lexus invited me to the Monticello Motor Club in Upstate New York, where I was able to test drive the all-new RC coupe in all its various forms. I posted a technical overview of the new model last week, and now it’s time for some personal impressions. The Sound. The sound is …
Kevin · September 11th, 2014

Autoblog Reviews the 2015 Lexus RC F

Seth Miersama of Autoblog has written a through and even-handed review of the 2015 Lexus RC F: Lexus made a big deal of the fact that performance from the RC F is truly accessible, and I think the automaker really nailed that. Unlike the rather barbaric IS F, the new coupe really will allow a …
Kevin · September 11th, 2014

Lexus Not Considering CT F or NX F High Performance Models

Lexus F chief engineer Yukihiko Yaguchi has dismissed the idea of a high-performance CT hatchback — from Motoring Australia: “He is not interested in building with front-wheel drive configuration,” [Yaguchi-san’s] interpreter told Asked if F could develop an all-wheel drive version Yaguchi replied via his interpreter: “Basically they have to consider taking whatever is …
Kevin · September 10th, 2014

Lexus RC F Video Review from Autoguide

Craig Cole’s Autoguide video review of the Lexus RC F is a hoot to watch: His verdict: Overall the 2015 Lexus RC F competes very favorably with its primary rivals, though it’s practically guaranteed to top all of them in at least one area: reliability. This is a Toyota after all. The car is a …
Kevin · September 10th, 2014

Video: The Lexus NX Surround View Panoramic Monitor in Action

While unavailable in North America, the Lexus NX will have an available 360° panoramic view monitor in some markets around the world — here’s a quick demonstration of the system in action: The camera system works with four high-definition cameras in each corner of the vehicle, giving a full overview of the surroundings — very …
Kevin · September 9th, 2014

Motor Trend Reviews the 2015 Lexus RC F

Jonny Lieberman’s Motor Trend review of the Lexus RC F is driven by the super coupe’s weight: We weighed the RC F and it clocks in at a lardy 4040 pounds. For some comparison, the similarly sized and totally targeted BMW M4 weighs 3604 pounds, a 436-pound difference. Before you mount an angry letter-writing campaign …
Kevin · September 9th, 2014

Is Lexus Developing an RC Four-Door Coupe?

Along with their rumors on the Lexus GS F, Autocar also suggests a four-door RC F is on the way: Following the GS F will be a four-door version of the RC F, which will feature identical underpinnings to the coupé but extra practicality and a slightly lower price tag. Expect to see the saloon …
Kevin · September 8th, 2014

Lexus GS F to Arrive Next Year with 500 Horsepower?

Lexus GS F news stories are picking up steam — last week, Motor Trend confirmed the production model, and now Autocar has some details on the upcoming super sedan: Power will be close to 500bhp with torque rated at just under 400lb ft. Expect a 0-60mph time in the mid-4sec region with a top speed …
Kevin · September 8th, 2014

Lexus USA Releases RC 350 & RC 350 F SPORT Pricing & Package Information

When the Lexus RC arrives in USA dealerships this fall, the RC 350 RWD will start at $43,715 USD and the RC 350 AWD will start at $45,950 USD. Key standard features will include NuLuxe interior, 10-way power driver (8-way passenger) front seats, a 10-speaker 256 watt sound system, 7-inch VGA center screen, and 18-inch …
Kevin · September 7th, 2014

Lexus USA Releases RC F Pricing & Package Information

The Lexus RC F will start at $63,225 USD when it arrives in USA dealerships this fall. Key standard features will include Black NuLuxe interior, 10-way power driver (8-way passenger) front seats, a 10-speaker 256 watt sound system, 7-inch VGA center screen, and 19-inch split 5-spoke forged alloy wheels. From there, a $4,400 Premium Package …
Kevin · September 5th, 2014

2015 Lexus RC F Preview

Last week, Lexus invited me to the Monticello Motor Club, where I was able to test drive the all-new RC coupe in all its various forms. The following is a technical overview of the RC F — my personal impressions will posted early next week. As the first new F-badged Lexus in nearly five years, …
Kevin · September 4th, 2014

2015 Lexus RC 350 & RC 350 F SPORT Preview

Last week, Lexus invited me to the Monticello Motor Club, where I was able to test drive the all-new RC coupe in all its various forms. The following is a technical overview of the RC 350 & RC 350 F SPORT -— my personal impressions will posted early next week. There have been exactly two …
Kevin · September 4th, 2014

Lexus August 2014 Sales Report

USA Lexus USA has reported 32,809 total sales for August 2014, a 14.2% improvement over last year — here’s the model-by-model breakdown: MONTH Year to Date (*DSR) 2014 2013 % CHG* 2014 2013 % CHG* CT 2,191 1,784 27.4 12,507 10,642 18.1 HS 0 0 N/A 0 5 ‐100.0 IS 5,312 4,432 24.3 33,427 18,859 …
Kevin · September 3rd, 2014

Lexus Russia to Offer Special Edition LX 570 for Brand’s 25th Anniversary

Lexus Russia is offering a 25th Anniversary Edition LX 570 with an exterior style treatment much like the USA’s CRAFTED Line . Blacked out are the front grille, front bumper, fog lamps, side mirrors, door handles, roof rails, and rear diffuser — the special edition is also equipped with 20-inch black wheels, and features tinted …
Kevin · September 3rd, 2014

Lexus CT Owner Blog: The Cross Country Trip

This summer, in partnership with OpenRoad Lexus in Richmond, BC, my wife Karissa and I drove across North America in our brand new Lexus CT 200h. The timing was interesting — we had originally planned to take a relaxing drive through Canada and the USA, but some unexpected events occurred and we need to be …
Kevin · September 2nd, 2014

Driving Across North America in the Lexus CT 200h F SPORT

This summer, in partnership with the OpenRoad Lexus dealership of Richmond, BC, my wife Karissa and I drove across North America in our brand new Lexus CT 200h. Here’s how it happened, by the numbers: 6 days, 4,736 kms (2,943 miles), an average speed of 90km/hr (56mph), and $270 in gas. Wait, what? $270 to …
Kevin · September 2nd, 2014

Lexus RC F to Receive Yearly Performance Improvements?

Lexus RC F Chief Engineer Yukihiro Yaguchi plans to make continual improvements to his new super-coupe — from an interview with Motoring Australia: “We are already thinking about some changes to make for next year,” he confirmed via an interpreter. “The objective is to make the car more fun to drive. If you make the …
Kevin · September 2nd, 2014

Giant Foam Obstacle Course at Lexus NX Launch Event in Japan

Lexus had a giant foam party at the Tokyo Tower last week to launch their new Japanese NX commercial — here’s some video from the event: My friend Danny was also in attendance, and sent over these photos: Automotive News writer Hans Greimel attended the event: While now a cringe-worthy memory for most hipsters in …
Kevin · September 1st, 2014

Photo Gallery: Lexus LFA, RC F, IS F, & First-Generation SC Together

Motor Trend brought the first-generation Lexus SC, IS F, LFA, & RC F together for a photoshoot: To see Motor Trend featuring the history of Lexus performance cars is a clear indication that the perception of the brand is truly changing — too bad so many of their commenters are stuck in the past. [Source: …
Kevin · September 1st, 2014

PETRONAS TOM’S Lexus RC F Wins Super GT Round 6

The PETRONAS TOM’S racing team of Kazuki Nakajima & James Rossiter have won the 2014 Suzuka Circuit Super GT Round 6 GT500 class in the #36 Lexus RC F. The ENEOS SUSTINA RC F team of Kazuya Oshima & Yuji Kunimoto were the next highest Lexus team at fifth place. Here are highlights from the …
Kevin · September 1st, 2014