Photo Gallery: Lexus LFA & Toyota 2000GT at Vancouver Dealership

Lexus OpenRoad Richmond

Just outside of Vancouver in the city of Richmond is OpenRoad Lexus, one of the most successful Lexus dealerships in Canada and home to a couple Toyota icons: the Lexus LFA & Toyota 2000GT.

The #22 LFA is usually Pearl Red in color, but has recently been wrapped in matte silver and outfitted in 21″ PUR 4OUR DEPTH wheels:

The 2000GT sits in the back corner of the dealership’s second floor, surprisingly small and absolutely beautiful:

Lexus 2000GT Toyota OpenRoad Richmond

Expecting to just take photos of the exterior, my eyes popped when I was handed this:

Toyota 2000GT Key

The interior is something else, full of wood trim and silver switchgear:

The 2000GT wasn’t going anywhere, but I did manage to convince general manager Jeremy Schaab to take the LFA out for a little bit — check back later this week for photos of the Lexus supercar on the streets of Richmond.

The dealership itself is a massive building with two floors — here’s a look at the showrooms:

OpenRoad Lexus is a sponsor of Lexus Enthusiast, and one of the site’s most valuable partners. My special thanks for their hospitality during my visit.