Lexus Not Considering CT F or NX F High Performance Models

Lexus CT F & NX F

Lexus F chief engineer Yukihiko Yaguchi has dismissed the idea of a high-performance CT hatchback — from Motoring Australia:

“He is not interested in building with front-wheel drive configuration,” [Yaguchi-san’s] interpreter told

Asked if F could develop an all-wheel drive version Yaguchi replied via his interpreter: “Basically they have to consider taking whatever is available in the production unit, or baseline unit. So if you are going to build something smaller then it is going to require having a brand-new architecture.”

So no F small car then? “No”.

There also doesn’t appear to be much hope of a high-performance SUV in the near future:

“To have an F badge, the car needs to have characteristics to be able to run on track and on race course,” he explained. “Therefore it doesn’t really suit to have an SUV as an F model. There may be an F Sports SUV (there are already – ED), but as far as F models go, no plans.”

With only so many resources to go around, there are models in the Lexus lineup that are better suited to F high-performance models — until a IS F, GS F, & LS F are in production, a CT F or NX F shouldn’t be considered.

(For starters, let’s see the 2.0L turbo engine in the CT first.)

[Source: Motoring Australia]