Video: The Sound of the Lexus RC F

Lexus RC F Car Advice

Alborz Fallah of Car Advice has a video review of the Lexus RC F, and it has the best representation of the super-coupe’s sound I’ve heard so far:

Fallah also has a written review:

Behind the wheel the Lexus RC F is a true performance car; it feels just as a vehicle of its calibre should. The steering is super direct, power is always on tap and its exhaust note is orchestral at worst.

In comparison with its rivals, it lacks the extreme dynamics of the M4 (no doubt a consequence of its hefty 1780-1860kg kerb weight), the brutality or fun-factor of the outgoing C63 AMG and the hard-edged nature of the Audi RS5. It does things the Lexus way, which is required to have its own unique character, and however competent it may be, we couldn’t pinpoint any one thing that it did better than any of its rivals.

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