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CAR Magazine Reviews the 2015 Lexus NX 300h

Lexus NX 300h CAR Magazine

CJ Hubbard at CAR Magazine has driven the 2015 Lexus NX 300h, and the resulting review speaks for itself:

Combining one of the boldest SUV design statements ever with a sophisticated twin-motor E-Four hybrid four-wheel drive system, the NX is the best real world Lexus yet.

The NX has a sense of style and purpose about it that suggests you’ll have to spend less time thinking up excuses for choosing one than other Lexus’s might require. It’s thoroughly pleasant to drive, spacious and – in the right environment – likely to prove efficient as well.

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  • B
  • September 30, 2014
Excuse Lexus for winning! Will easily take 15k sales from the Acura RDX. The Acura will sell 30-35k next year, and Lexus will own this class. Write it down, take a picture of it, I don't give a..... BD
  • P
  • October 1, 2014
Circular destination entry display? What is that?