Motor Trend Reviews the 2015 Lexus RC F

Lexus RC F Motor Trend

Jonny Lieberman’s Motor Trend review of the Lexus RC F is driven by the super coupe’s weight:

We weighed the RC F and it clocks in at a lardy 4040 pounds. For some comparison, the similarly sized and totally targeted BMW M4 weighs 3604 pounds, a 436-pound difference. Before you mount an angry letter-writing campaign against Lexus, know that the AWD Audi RS 5 is just 13 pounds lighter than the RC F, 4027 pounds.

Frankly, the more than 400-pound weight difference between the RC F and the M4 is enough to tip things in favor of the BMW. But the RC F, at the very least, is a compelling alternative. Exactly how compelling we’ll have to find out at a later date when we compare them directly. Until then, I want you to understand that I enjoyed the new Lexus Frankencoupe much more than the numbers would lead you to believe. You probably will, too.

(There are a ton of spec comparisons between the RC F, BMW M4, Audi RS 5, and Mercedes C63 AMG 507 Coupe — if that’s your thing, this is the review to read.)

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