Lexus RC & RC F Chief Engineers Discuss the Coupe’s Weight

Lexus RC F Rock Hard Place

Lexus RC chief engineer Eiichi Kusama has addressed the weight debate currently surrounding the new coupe — from Motoring Australia:

“How fun to drive is more important than the other things I think,” Kusama told at least week’s RC launch in New York.

“But of course after launch if the market needs other performance, maybe in the future we think we study the other things.”

“Body structure, very good rigidity and passive safety and big diameter tyres, then the body weight becomes a little heavier,” Kusama explained. “But I think you don’t feel the weight so much.”

RC F chief engineer Yukihiko Yaguchi believes the vehicle’s safety features are the biggest factor when it comes to weight:

“It’s always better to be lighter, but for this purpose… safety, regulatory, that’s something we have to prioritise as well.”

[Source: Motoring Australia]