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Lexus News: Lexus RX: First Generation

Should the Original Lexus RX 300 be Considered a Classic Car?

The first-generation RX as a classic car is a stretch in the traditional sense, but Elizabeth Sobieski from The Huffington Post makes a compelling argument.

Is the First Generation Lexus RX the Perfect First Car for Teenagers?

The Truth About Cars has called the first generation 1999-2003 Lexus RX “the perfect first car” for teenage drivers.

Another Wild (but Formal) Japanese Commercial for the Lexus RX 300/Harrier

It would be remiss of me not to post this second lion-man Lexus RX 300/Harrier commercial, considering how floored I was by the first one: This one is even better than the first, as we get to see lion-man lounging by the pool, reading a report, while his beauty swims in the pool. I’m so […]

Wild (but Formal) Japanese Commercial for the RX 300/Harrier

I’m unsure exactly how this commercial would have been pitched, “You see, there’s this lion-man, ok, and he rescues this damsel in distress, all while driving a Harrier! Wild but Formal!”: Seriously, a lion-man? (Thought it was very cool to see a body kit advert at the end of the commercial, though.)

Andy Rooney Tracks Down His Old Lexus

When I started this site, never did I think I would see the day where I’d be writing about Andy Rooney, but the world’s a funny place, and I go where the Lexus news takes me. I’m sure that most people, after selling or trading in a car, have wondered where it ended up, who […]