Is the First Generation Lexus RX the Perfect First Car for Teenagers?

1999 Lexus RX 300

The Truth About Cars has called the first generation 1999-2003 Lexus RX “the perfect first car” for teenage drivers, and explain their choice with a funny list of reasons.

(All joking aside, can’t argue with the pick — it’s a solid choice.)

Read the Teenage RX argument at TTAC


  1. I wouldn't mind to have one , but I hope to have a manual transmission car as my first car ... and I don't think Lexus have such cars .
  2. Depending on where you are and if you are looking for a used car, in the US we have the IS300, IS250, SC300 and the 1st and 2nd gen ES250/300 that came with a manual transmission.
  3. I think the perfect car for a teen is an 04 ES 330, but hey i'm biased. :p  But I agreed an RX is a great first car coming from a parents view, from the kids point maybe an IS F 
  4. kids first car shouldnt be a Lexus ;)
  5. Nik

    aha wow a lexus?? that is one odd story. 
  6. I totally agree with this story. I'm 17 and my grandmother has a Rx 330 and when she went away on vacation she let me use it, because I hate my POS GMC, to get too and from school and it's not mind blowing quick but it's quick enough and in my school the name fits in where most kids have Audi's, Lexus, BMW, and Benz. 
  7. A first generation IS makes more sense to me. Cheaper to run, better on gas and a whole lot easier to drive due to its more compact size.