Photo: Lexus RC F Parked by INTERSECT in Tokyo

Lexus International is currently promoting an interactive interview with Super GT 500 driver James Rossiter (#JamesonLexus to ask questions), and part of the event involves a trip to INTERSECT.
Kevin · June 2nd, 2015

Photo: The Lexus LF-SA in Sketches

Today’s image comes from the Lexus ED2 design studio in Europe, with these digital sketches of the LF-SA compact car concept.
Kevin · May 26th, 2015

Photo: The Lexus LS 600h F SPORT

During the press trip for the 2013 Lexus LS in San Francisco, I lucked out with an opportunity to drive the LS 600h F SPORT — a short wheelbase hybrid F SPORT model is just about as rare as you can get in North America.
Kevin · May 21st, 2015

Photo: The Lexus GS Takes Flight

Among the many museums and galleries in the Ottawa area is the Canada Aviation and Space Museum, which tells the history of flight and aerodynamics and speed.
Kevin · May 20th, 2015

Photo: The Lexus RC F in Ultra White

The recent photos of the Lexus GS F in Ultra White reminded me of this photo I took during the RC F press event last August.
Kevin · May 12th, 2015

Photo: The Lexus CT Art Project

Last year, Lexus Korea worked with local artists to create a series of amazing photos with the CT 200h F SPORT.
Kevin · May 11th, 2015

Photo: Lexus RC F in the Rain

Here’s a photo from last year’s RC F launch party at Lexus of Route 10, taken by Al Norris.
Kevin · May 6th, 2015

Photo: Lexus RC F SPORT & Lexus SC Together

One of the best things to come out of this weekend’s Toyotafest in Southern California was this impromptu photoshoot with a Lexus RC F SPORT and a first generation Lexus SC.
Kevin · May 4th, 2015

Photo: Looking Back at the Lexus LS 430

For whatever reason, it was a Lexus LS 430 day today. I spent some time looking through the Auto Trader listings, looked through some old brochures.
Kevin · April 30th, 2015

Photo: Burning Rubber Lexus RC F Style

Let’s circle back to OpenRoad Lexus video from the weekend featuring Ken Gushi — I’ve been sent a bunch of images from the shoot, and here’s one of my favorites.
Kevin · April 27th, 2015

Photo: Glow-in-the-Dark Lexus IS 300h

Lexus UK took a new Lexus IS 300h, applied luminous blue vinyl tape to the curves and edges, turned off the lights, and photographed the results.
Kevin · April 23rd, 2015

Photo: Lexus LFA Light Painting

To celebrate the fifth anniversary of the LFA, Lexus UK put together a stellar collection of light paintings with their resident blue supercar.
Kevin · April 20th, 2015

Photo: The Lexus RC F at the Wilton House

Lexus UK did everyone a favor and brought acclaimed automotive photographer GF Williams together with an Infrared Lexus RC F and the Wilton House in Wiltshire.
Kevin · April 15th, 2015

Photo: The Lexus RX F SPORT Dial

Circling back to the new 2016 Lexus RX today, I’m still amazed to see the single circular dial in F SPORT edition.
Kevin · April 14th, 2015

Photo: The Original Lexus RX

In three days, the fourth generation Lexus RX will debut at the New York Auto Show -- just the perfect amount of time to go back and look through the history books.
Kevin · March 30th, 2015

Photo: The Lexus GS Under Wraps

I'll never forget this teaser for the fourth-generation Lexus GS -- it will likely go down as my favorite Lexus teaser of all time.
Kevin · March 26th, 2015

Photo: The Perfect Garage

The Lexus LFA, Toyota 2000GT, and Toyota Supra, all together, all red everything.
Kevin · March 12th, 2015

Photo: Lexus LS Generations

The progression of the Lexus LS, illustrated in a single image. One of the best Lexus images ever.
Kevin · March 11th, 2015

Photo: Snow White Lexus GS 450h

As someone living in the eastern part of North America, the all-white hood of this GS 450h reminds me of one thing. Snow.
Kevin · February 25th, 2015

Photo: The Lexus GS F, Rendered

Can you believe it's already been a month since the first photos of the Lexus GS F were published?
Kevin · February 6th, 2015

Photo: The Lexus LFA Driver Development Program

In 2011, Lexus held the LFA Driver Development Program for new owners -- it was a full day of driving the supercar around the Sonoma Raceway, and as awesome as you would expect
Kevin · February 5th, 2015