Autoblog Previews the 2013 Lexus GS 350

Autoblog have also turned in a preview of the pre-production 2013 Lexus GS prototypes, and part of their feature is this video comparing the current GS' handling with the new model.
Kevin · July 28th, 2011

First Look at 2013 Lexus GS 450h LED Headlights

The actual Auto Express preview of the 2013 Lexus GS prototypes may be short on details, but their accompanying photo gallery provides plenty of insight into the next-generation GS, including our first look at the hybrid LED headlights.
Kevin · July 26th, 2011

2012 Lexus GS 250 Coming to Europe

While the North America edition of the next-generation Lexus GS appears to be carrying over the 3.5L V6 from the current generation (in both hybrid & non-hybrid formats), the fourth generation sports sedan will be getting a new engine for European (and likely Japanese) markets: the GS 250.
Kevin · July 23rd, 2011

2012 Lexus GS Interior Photo Gallery

There was a torrent of information about the next-generation Lexus GS released today, so while I'd like to take my time reading through each of the reviews, I also thought it would be a good idea to collect all the interior photos in one convenient gallery.
Kevin · July 22nd, 2011

Lexus Europe 2011 Sales Update

Good news out of Europe -- over the first six months of 2011, Lexus has increased sales 42% due to strong interest in the CT 200h.
Kevin · July 21st, 2011

Bizarre Motor Trend Review of the Lexus LFA

For whatever reason, Motor Trend has published a half-baked editorial slamming the Lexus LFA, which they've disguised as an impartial review -- just to highlight some reasons you shouldn't even bother reading it, here are just a few of my "favorite" quotes.
Kevin · July 19th, 2011

Paris Hilton’s Lexus LFA

Photos of Paris Hilton and her white Lexus LFA surfaced this weekend -- and I have to say, it has a super interior color combo.
Kevin · July 18th, 2011

Lexus: The Relentless Pursuit

Seven years after its original hardcover release, a revised edition of Chester Dawson's book Lexus: The Relentless Pursuit has been released as a paperback, and I have the distinct pleasure of being featured as one of the back cover quotes.
Kevin · July 17th, 2011

More Photos of Pearl Brown Lexus LFA #095

You may remember Lexus LFA #095 as the star of a now-aborted eBay auction, but before it’s internet stardom, it made an appearance at a Cars & Coffee event, and that’s where Flickr photographer Stefan Dume took these photos.
Kevin · July 15th, 2011

2012 Lexus GS F Sport Revealed?

Here's something interesting: Australian website *The Motor Report* was sent images that are reportedly from a [Lexus Australia]( customer survey meant to gauge interest in the next-generation GS -- the images look like screen captures, and show both the standard and *F Sport* GS in multiple colors.
Kevin · July 13th, 2011

Photos of the Lexus Escondido Dealership

After reading a [North County Times article]( about San Diego area dealer [Lexus Escondido]( opening a restaurant in their giant 300,000 square ft. *Lexus Centre* complex, I had to do some searching around for photos of the mega-dealership.
Kevin · July 13th, 2011

Flickr Find: Underground Lexus CT

Really liking this Lexus CT 200h photo by Flickr photographer Lil Tian, taken on location from a Ikea parking garage in Malaysia.
Kevin · July 12th, 2011

Lexus Manufacturing Status Update

Lexus USA general manager Mark Templin gave an update on the state of Lexus manufacturing at a recent media event in Chicago.
Kevin · July 12th, 2011

Dan Neil Reviews the Lexus CT 200h

Auto journalist (& future TV show host) Dan Neil has reviewed the Lexus CT 200h for the Wall Street Journal, and it's hardly a positive affair -- Neil tears into the hybrid hatchback from all angles, from the handling & performance to the styling, all in the name of being a car enthusiast.
Kevin · July 11th, 2011

Lexus Magazine Photo Essay: Landfall

Lexus Magazine has published a photo essay detailing the intricate procedure each Lexus goes through once it lands in North America after being manufactured and shipped from Japan.
Kevin · July 4th, 2011

Lexus June 2011 Sales Report

I was warned that the June sale figures would be a repeat of last month, and that turned out to be scarily accurate as Lexus sales dropped 40.2% (as opposed to 40.0% in May) as the repercussions from the March 11 Earthquake continue to be felt.
Kevin · July 1st, 2011