Bizarre Motor Trend Review of the Lexus LFA

Lexus LFA Motor Trend

For whatever reason, Motor Trend has published a half-baked editorial slamming the Lexus LFA, which they’ve disguised as an impartial review — just to highlight some reasons you shouldn’t even bother reading it, here are just a few of my “favorite” quotes:

Everything about the car feels unique. The only piece recognizable as a Toyota-sourced part is the mouse-like controller for the infotainment system — nothing else seems to relate to anything in the Toyota/Lexus/Scion family. This may be one of the downfalls of the LFA as a halo car. It is really tough for a Lexus IS 250 owner to tell his buddies he is basically driving the detuned version of the LFA when they have nothing in common — not even HVAC controls or seat buttons.

Let’s reverse this — can you imagine how Motor Trend would have ridiculed the LFA if it had shared interior parts with an IS 250? Not only that, can they not see the LFA styling cues in the CT 200h, the 2011 IS F interior and the LF-Gh concept?

The driving experience in the LFA is also nothing short of exotic. The first thing you notice is how amazingly loud it is. Modern supercars have loads of sound insulation and acoustically engineered glass to keep things at reasonable levels. Even Ferraris and Lamborghinis seem like Bentleys inside compared to the LFA.

Several our testers, myself included, expressed disappointment that the F1-like wail of the V-10 is turned into a somewhat annoying bellow once inside the car.

This marks the first time, in all of the LFA reviews I’ve read, that I’ve seen a complaint about the LFA’s sound. And asking for more sound insulation? Seriously?

This is amplified by the Toyota V-10’s willingness to rev and chase after 9000 rpm on the tach. The high-revving engine makes the whole car frenetic and buzzy. You have to anticipate shifts as the fake needle swings around the computer monitor behind the steering wheel.

Does Motor Trend refer to the engine in the Audi R8 as the “Volkswagen V-10”? Was “fake” really the only adjective available to describe the LFA’s digital display? Pointing out little things like this might seem petty, but it perfectly illustrates the tone of their entire review.

Of course, all this goes without mentioning their abysmal performance testing — for all their expertise, the best 0-60 time Motor Trend testers were able to achieve with the LFA was 4.0s. This is 0.2s worse than their original road test, and 0.4s worse than InsideLine, just to name a couple examples. Laughably, this poor showing is used as ammunition against the LFA.

Really, the only thing worthwhile about this review is the video that accompanies it, and even then, we’re subjected to an elevator-muzak soundtrack rather than the LFA’s V10:

Head-scratching, that’s the only way I can describe it.

[Source: Motor Trend]


  1. Motor Trend is still in business? Car & Driver is where it's at.
  2. Terrible review. I am sure my mother can get a better 0 - 60 mph than 4.0 seconds out of such a powerful and fast car (4.3 seconds without 1 foot roll out). Lexus does not allow usage of launch control system to many publications, but still 4.0 seconds is barely what IS-F can get. LFA's F1 V10 engine sound being "annoying" is the first I have ever heard where they simply insulted and denigrated the hard work and passion of the Yamaha acoustics engineers that engineered the acoustics of the engine and the cabin according to musical octaves.
  3. Lexus should have never given them such a masterpiece to test. Seriously, I used to think their original GTR vs LFA comparison was shoddy (though, LFA won that). This is by a country mile the worst and the most unfair review I have ever seen for such an engineering masterpiece.
  4. How they made LFA look only competitive with 5 year supercars like Porsche Carrera GT, it is abyssmal. They failed to mention, LFA is the only car out of the one's they mentioned in there that has lapped Nurburgring in 7:22. Also, we have seen Scott Pruett in a launch control video hitting 0 - 60 mph in 3.5 seconds without any roll out (3.2 seconds with 1-foot roll out). I have been holding hopes for the longest time that LFA will get the proper test it truly deserves and is definitely capable of.
  5. LOLOLOL omg... Just give us the LFA for a review!
  6. What a friggin' joke! Not only do they call the V10 "buzzy" as if it were some 4-banger, but they even go as far as replacing the entire V10 auditory feast in the video with some stupid soundtrack! It just doesn't get any more insulting than that!!
  7. This is why no one cares what motor bend picks for their car of the year anymore.
  8. Seeing how much the GTR vs LFA comparison sparked so much flame fest on their boards (youtube video has over 2 million hits), I am sure this is another dirty tactic to spark controversy so that people come over and flame the LFA while people who like the LFA get all riled up and defend it. In the process, MotorTrend wins the popularity contest for the sponsors.
  9. Trololol ... this is the only comment I made for Motor Trend .
  10. Such a stark contrast from what pretty much EVERY OTHER PUBLICATION has said about the LFA.  Somebody just didn't want to get out of bed that morning.
  11. this suckers just want publicity !!!,,dont even bother to read their articles ,,,,,they just love to hate "the great lfa"
  12. Motor Trend has always had it out for Lexus.  I have seen them call a Hyundai SUV better than the RX, and them choosing a BMW when the numbers and features of the IS clearly outweighed the Beemers.
  13. Evn

    I stopped going to MotorTrend for car news a long time ago. They are the definitive anti-toyota, anti-japanese car review publication in existence. I am more than confident in assuming that the bulk of MT viewers are either high school or college aged white guys who don't have respect for anything unless it's called a Corvette. What makes MotorTrend even more of a joke publication is that they praised the LFA in one of the early reviews, I don't recall which one or when it was released, but I believe it was for the pre-production sample. MotorTrend is the Top Gear of the car publication universe, entertainment and style comes first and everything else second. Perfect example of this statement is the video of the LFA drifting. All style, no substance. Watch this instead, hell, bookmark it:
  14. this review could not be more biased. way to have an open mind...they pretty much bagged on everything that everyone else loves...this review is total BS
  15. When it comes to actual reviews and crunching numbers down, Insideline is my favorite. Motortrend always had that subtle biased in them.
  16. WOW ! I never heard such negative things about the LFA before... something is wrong here. I think this is the last time Lexus gives any of their cars to Motortrend.  Yikes. . . they completely did a 360 about what has always been praised about the LFA. . . . I dont even kno where to begin. This just makes Motortrend look extremely bad. 
  17. They’re biased.  Its because it not German made.  They get pissed off every time a Japanese product challenges their preconceptions of German superiority.  Granted, the Europeans still make the best looking cars on earth, but what these magazines will never tell you is that BMWs and Mercedes are not designed to handle our lifestyle or our deteriorating road infrastructure.  Thank God for Japan, their dedication and superbly engineered products.  The LFA is a beautiful car.  I like the direction Lexus designers are going.  Go Toyota!    
  18. Why is the tach needle "fake"? Does it have to be attached to the engine with a cable to be "real". If that's the criteria then MT should also be panning any technological advances beyond the model T. Perhaps they should change the name of their rag to Motor No-Trend.
    • I am pretty sure they would never use the word "fake" if it was in a Ferrari or Lamborghini. Because LFA uses a computer screen for the gauge cluster (and for good reason since the revs change direction too quickly for analog to keep up), they find it important to denigrate. Funny LFA's engine clearly in real life does not even jitter when revved from idle to 9000 rpm. It stay stationary. For them to use a word like "buzzy" on a piece of art and an engineering masterpiece shows their blatant bias.
  19. Some people just know nothing about automotive engineering, It´s sad. The guy who wrote this article should be fired. Motor Trend you could do better...I'm dissapointed with the lack of technical review capacity. It's a shame. They should have better reviewers in their staff?
  20. Motor Trend is worthless---I cancelled all their publications years ago and vowed to never spend a penny with them again----as Kevin stated:   the reverse of evrything they would have complained about if it had not similarity to any Lexus/Toyota/Scion product-----This has always been their BIGGEST complaint that too much carried over from Toyota vehicles into Lexus......these writers are school children with a paycheck-----the editor should ax all of them and start over.   Just like the media today-----always a negative to gain attention.
  21. MT does not deserve to get behind the wheels of this amazing machine
  22. I think if everyone agrees, we can email motortrend and tell them like it is and these straight up facts that prove their review cannot be explained in any other way than discriminatory and based on unfairness. Why on earth would you pick LFA's worst performance numbers that are similar only to a 380 HP Porsche Carrera S and then pit it against the best numbers they achieved over the years in other cars?? If this is not bias, what is??
  23. I'm in, let our voices be heard!!
  24. Here is the page where you can send an email to the editors. Let's all send them emails essentially describing the unfairness and bias of their review of the LFA and how their performance numbers just don't add up as even 350 HP cars today can do 0 - 60 mph in 4.0 seconds. They also omitted many facts including LFA's Nurburgring lap time etc.
    • Thank you for your page link to e-mail the editor-----I have sent lengthy response to the horrible representation of the LFA article----come on evryone let Motor Trend know what you think---I have cancelled subcriptions a while back and they need to knw that they are losing market share for such incompitant knowledge of what is being published from them.
    • I have sent it as well. More people should do it as well.
  25. Ignorance at its best... It wouldn't matter if it had a L or T badge on it. This car is a statement showing that Lexus / Toyota can do what Europe or anyone can do and do it better. This car is more than just big horse power (Detroit) or a beautiful design(Europe), its shows the attention to detail that Japan is known for. -p7272 This video JUST about sums up a actual good review.
  26. So cool the best beast power gourgeous!
  27. So cool the best beast power gourgeous!
  28. just send all of these comments to the Motor Trend Editors
  29. I have sent a long response to them and linked them to a few other track test so that they can see how biased and unfair their review is.
  30. ez

    The response here to the Motor Trend article is so hypersensitive that I wonder if every poster here is on their period.  Are you all chicks?  Or is this the mentality well known to the car world as "lexus fan boi"? Motor Trend essentially is saying there is no trickle down technology to the rest of the Toyota line up, loud noise over a sustained period is well known to be annoying so a potential buyer should keep that in mind, and that the tach needle is not real (i.e., "fake.") There have been much, much more scalding reviews of the LFA if ANYONE here has been paying attention.  Numerous articles are out there showing the performance is already a generation behind, and the price does not correlate with performance.  
    • You are completely clueless. Lexus LFA's performance is not a generation behind. Get real. Want me to educate you???
    • 99.9% of the LFA reviews have been nothing, but raving (again, people who actually properly track tested the Lexus LFA. Don't put a blog hypothetical review up by someone who has never seen the LFA in real life, let alone tracked it).
    • Have you seen one or tracked it?
    • There is also a mentality well known for someone like you. It is called "hater troll'.
    • When you take the worst times of the Lexus LFA and compare it with the best times of the other cars, arguably it would give a highly skewed result that haters like you can have a field day with.
  31. Lexus LFA has baffles that open at 4000 rpm so below 4000 rpm, Lexus LFA is very quiet since he exhaust baffles are closed. Basically, Motortrend is completely full of sh... and this article unlike the 99.9% other professional tests is completely biased against the Lexus LFA.
  32. Let me look at the best number of the Lexus LFA Ofcourse, all on non-super slick and non-high grip track tires: 0 - 60 mph: 3.6 seconds (by Insideline and CarAndDriver without usage of launch control)  (how many cars are quicker than this?) 1/4 mile: 11.5 seconds (by insideline without usage launch control) 0 - 125 mph: 11.4 seconds (by AutoZeitung) 0 - 163 mph: 21.2 seconds (by Motorsports magazine, France) Skidpad: 1.10g  (MotorTrend) (one of the highest skidpad lateral acceleration) Slalom: 75.2    (Insideline)  (one of the quickest slalom speed of all times) Braking: 94 feet (MotorTrend) Nurburgring: 9th quickest car of all times Record laps: Circuit De Nevers and Goodwood race track: All of these achieved without any special R compound super-slick tires that high powered RWD cars these days desperately need. I could on, but I will leave it here that anyone who claims LFA is a generation behind in performance is full of sh*t
  33. The LF-A was very nice. It just came out 10 years too late.  From day one there were less expensive cars with more prestigious names that outperformed the LF-A. The LF-A was a failed automotive exercise that showed the world that Toyota cannot build a super car at the same price/performance levels as the other exotics. Lesson learned. I doubt that you will see another supercar from Toyota.
  34. Lets friend Michael here and send him our hate letters.