Lexus CX 300h to be New Entry-Level Crossover?

Lexus CX 300h Autobild

According to German car magazine Autobild, Lexus is making plans to bring a RAV4-based CUV to market in order to compete against the BMW X1/Audi Q3/Mercedes GLK.

The rumor suggests this new model, dubbed the CX 300h, would be powered by a four-cylinder hybrid with around 200 hp and capable of under 5L/100km, or 47 MPG (based on European standards — the CT 200h, for instance, has a rating of 3.8L/100km, or 61.8 MPG). If true, this would require a new engine configuration, perhaps based on the next-generation Camry/HS 250h powerplant.

No other details were given, but the idea that Lexus would bring out a smaller crossover has been around for years, and has plenty of merit — the RX is the most popular vehicle in the lineup by far, and building off that success is a logical and altogether likely move. There has to be some worry of cannibalizing RX sales, but the trade-off would be well worth the risk, especially in the European market.

As for the rendering that accompanied the article — well, there’s too much CT styling & not enough RX, but that doesn’t stop it from looking pretty good. What do you think?

[Source: Autobild]