Lexus CX 300h to be New Entry-Level Crossover?

Lexus CX 300h Autobild

According to German car magazine Autobild, Lexus is making plans to bring a RAV4-based CUV to market in order to compete against the BMW X1/Audi Q3/Mercedes GLK.

The rumor suggests this new model, dubbed the CX 300h, would be powered by a four-cylinder hybrid with around 200 hp and capable of under 5L/100km, or 47 MPG (based on European standards — the CT 200h, for instance, has a rating of 3.8L/100km, or 61.8 MPG). If true, this would require a new engine configuration, perhaps based on the next-generation Camry/HS 250h powerplant.

No other details were given, but the idea that Lexus would bring out a smaller crossover has been around for years, and has plenty of merit — the RX is the most popular vehicle in the lineup by far, and building off that success is a logical and altogether likely move. There has to be some worry of cannibalizing RX sales, but the trade-off would be well worth the risk, especially in the European market.

As for the rendering that accompanied the article — well, there’s too much CT styling & not enough RX, but that doesn’t stop it from looking pretty good. What do you think?

[Source: Autobild]


  1. Make it and bring it! And don't make the looks too obvious!
  2. They have to put this car on the market as soon as possible, this could be a very important model. But this render (made by germans,lol) sux, it's just an oversized CT200h.
  3. I like where this is going....
  4. I've always felt that Lexus was missing out by not selling a RAV4 sized SUV.  I own a RX450h but a RAV4 sized SUV is exactly what I wanted, but Lexus wasn't selling anything like that.  I think this has the potential to bring a lot of sales to the Lexus brand.
  5. Rik

    Doing that would bring lots more sales, a segment where the smaller German suv compete, Lexus would clean up that segment
  6. Yes, bring it!
  7. Yes, bring it!
  8. An excellent idea! The German equivalents are selling really well,and Lexus needs to crash that party ASAP! ;-)
  9. What a lazy rendering! In Brazil and Europe, the Subaru Outback practice of raising an existing hatchback on its suspension and adding black bodyside cladding and faux skid plates front and rear has grown into an entire genre/niche, with Toyota itself doing that stuff to the Scion xD and selling it in Europe as the Urban Cruiser. To think that Lexus would do that to the CT in order to compete with the Mercedes-Benz GLK, BMW X1 and Audi Q3...ridiculous! Also, I'm not sure about the CX prefix for the long-overdue sub-RX Lexus crossover. Toyota/Lexus has registered the TX trademark since 2009, as noted here:
    • The TX may be for a 7-seater SUV mentioned in "Lexus Future Plans to Include CT 300h & Smaller SUV?" article. The CX is possible for the 'smaller SUV'
    • I don't know, I find the rendering appealing in its own way, though I'll agree that a production model should be differentiated from the CT by more than just its height. Also, I wonder what ever happened to the rumored JX, which I believe was to be a larger version of the RX?
    • I've been wondering about the JX myself. My understanding is that it would be a 3-row GS-derived crossover (or what Matt Wong refers to as TX), but, like the RAV4-derived CX (or TX?), it's just rumor at this point. Also, I just remembered another possible obstacle to Lexus using CX: The fact that Citroën used it as the model name for its top-of-the-line large car from 1974 to 1991. Whether they still own rights to the name, though, is something I'm not sure of...
    • Maybe the JX rumors will revive once the next-gen GS comes out -- no denying there's still interest in three-row SUVs. I think TX sounds too much like an Acura, but with the CX, there's the Mazda CX7 -- perhaps a little too close for comfort.
  10. Now this is getting interesting.
  11. Lexus has always been late in the market... they should have had this vehicle atleast 2 years back and they would have been the market leader in this segment by with VW Tiguan/Audi Q3/BMW X1/Merc GLK350 already established in the wud be difficult to regain the market now..and especially the engine options should be kept gasoline as standard and the hybrid should be kept only as an option in the developing nations where the fuel is expensive..... TOO LATE LEXUS....YOU HAVE LOST THE BATTLE EVEN BEFORE FIGHTING IT !!!!! LIKE U ALWAYS DO... LOL..HA HA HA HA HA ... !!!
    • What a the way the GLK is a flop of sales in Europe and in USA.
    • F1k

      I wouldn't even be talking like that, remember when Lexus launched with the LS400 and it butt F##d every single German brand.. It's not that Toyota is too slow, it's just that Germans are too fast, they seem to have a desperation to fill every segment up with cars, instead of improving their core products.. Cheap cars from BMW..
    • I too feel that the German luxury brands seem to be a wee bit desperate with all the new body styles they´re coming up with. Is it a coupé? Is it a liftback? Is it an SUV? Do I have the foggiest idea? Nope! :-D
    • Pretty ridiculous comment -- there isn't a single model that has dominates the CUV segment, and considering the demand and position of the RX in the luxury vehicle market, it's not inconceivable that Lexus could come in with a smaller version and jump immediately to the #1 spot, at least in North America. Also, refrain from ALLCAP silliness in the future -- it does nothing to support your point. Thanks!
  12. Hope this comes out soon! Lexus is AMAZING!