Lexus Europe 2011 Sales Update

Lexus CT 200h in Europe

Good news out of Europe — over the first six months of 2011, Lexus has increased sales 42% due to strong interest in the CT 200h. Here’s the model-by-model breakdown:

**Units Sold**
CT 7,586
IS 2,749
GS (incl. GS hybrid) 465
LS 276
RX 7,337
Other Models 3,570
Total Sales 21,983

As expected, the CT has quickly become Lexus’ bestselling model in Europe (passing the RX by 249 units) — by contrast, here’s how the CT’s competitors perform, courtesy of Automotive News:

The 1 series will be the top seller in the western European market for luxury compact vehicles in 2011 with deliveries of 154,000, compared with 141,000 of the A3 and 81,000 of the B class, according to research firm IHS Automotive.

Audi sold 173,000 of the A3 in the region last year, while BMW delivered 144,000 of the 1 series, IHS said.

Put into perspective, the CT still has a long way to go, but with Lexus manufacturing production getting back to normal, it won’t be long before the hybrid hatchback starts making a significant impact in the C-Premium market.

Note: Lexus Europe is made up of all Western, Central and Eastern European countries including Turkey and Russia as well as Israel and a number of Central Asian markets (Armenia, Azerbaijan, East Russia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan).

[Source: Lexus Europe]