More Photos of Pearl Brown Lexus LFA #095

You may remember Lexus LFA #095 as the star of a now-aborted eBay auction, but before its internet stardom, it made an appearance at a Cars & Coffee event near Herb Chambers Lexus, and that’s where Flickr photographer Stefan Dume took these photos:

Pearl Brown Lexus LFA #095

Pearl Brown Leuxs LFA #095

Also included in the photo set was a crystal clear photo of the interior, which I’m sure will start up the color debate all over again:

Pearl Brown Lexus LFA #095

Lastly, here’s a video from the event:

Despite the reaction heard across the Internet, I remain a fan of this color combination (though it’s far from my first choice).

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  1. WOW ! The color looks great in those 2 pictures !  I love brown :) Didn't looks so good in those pics with this car inside the dealership. The interior is killer also
  2. WOW. you sure it's the same car? This looks way better than the other pics posted. And the interior suits it aswell. Going to paint my LFA on GT5 in the brown in the pic attached : A Chevy Cordovan Brown metallic
  3. I'm not a fan of brown colored cars....but DAMN that looks good.
  4. hmm lookz gud,,,>.>>}
  5. Brown is NOT meant for cars.. especially super cars. Interior is dope though, would look great with a flat silver paint job..
  6. RDS

    Hmmm ... I still wanted in White , haha .
  7. That is the most amazing interior.
  8. I like the exterior, but the interior the colour should have been different but that is me. I just wonder if someone bought the car, could he/she, have Lexus redo the interior?
  9. Doo-Doo Brown! Doo-Doo Brown! BD
  10. Kei

    Why is it parked at a Porsche dealership?  In a handicapped parking spot? Brown looks beautiful.  Like a big piece of chocolate.