Lexus Considering Next-Gen GS Coupe

2012 Lexus GS Coupe

Fresh off their excellent preview of the 2012 GS 350, Inside Line is reporting that Lexus is considering a coupe based on their next-generation sports sedan:

If Ben J. Mitchell, Lexus’ product planner manager has his way, the GS Coupe will happen. “I’d like to do a coupe,” he told Inside Line. “We’re really trying to increase the emotional qualities of our brand. We want to emphasize exterior styling and dynamics.” According to Mitchell, Lexus is at the moment involved in a “fairly active study of coupe opportunities.”

According to Mike Michels, Lexus’ external communications vice president, the brand does want to expand its lineup. “Lexus has aspirations to have a full model line and global reach,” he told Inside Line during the same conversation.

Having a coupe to compete against the Audi A5/S5, BMW 6-Series and Mercedes E-Class coupe may be a tough and tall order, but it’s all-together necessary move — this is a segment that is the very definition of luxury performance. Of course, a GS coupe (the GT?) could also open the door for a high-performance variant, which makes the rumor even more interesting.

Inside Line suggests that if a GS coupe is made, it likely wouldn’t see production until the spring of 2013, and that there’s currently no plan for a convertible.

[Source: Inside Line]


  1. Perhaps GS-F coupe in the future? droolssssssssssssssssssssssss
  2. Lexus do it! Panaroof! F version! make it happen!
  3. GS-F C or GS C ... either of them would works for me . And when I saw this rendering , I suddenly know about how the production would looks like .
  4. GS-F C or GS C ... either of them would works for me . And when I saw this rendering , I suddenly know about how the production would looks like .
  5. I just love the idea. Lexus strongly need of this car. I'm sure it would be more sleek and sexy than a bmw 6 series and definitely better than a garbage audi a5, by the way a friend of mine got his new Infiniti G37 some days ago and he sold his previously audi s5, he told me there's no comparison between them, the Infiniti is way better for lots of things (more strong chassis, better handling, refinements etc., so I'm sure Lexus can do even better than Infiniti and very often that's it: for example the current GS450h wich is very older,is still better than the new Infiniti M37h especially about couple of things very important: handling and hybrid powertrain.
  6. OK---Let' do it !    LEXUS is moving in the right direction here---anyone would be out of their mind not to want and love a coupe or even a convertibel in the future-----KEEP GOING !   Mr. Toyoda is keeping true to his goals and I  hope Mr. Mitchell has power to enhance his thoughts and endeavors. Toyoda will be the best ever for the whole Toyota/Lexus/Scion brands----marl my words---you will see nothing but sales figures increase like crazy  in the future with his vision.
  7. Do we get to have the GS C, the SC, and the LS C at the same time?! :D
  8. That is pretty cool. Lexus seems to be making all the right moves with this car. Looks like this GS will usher in a completely new era for Lexus, as jump-started by the LFA.
  9. How about fixing the hideous IS coupe first? Plus how about a limited edition IS-F wagon please. GS coupe would be nice thought.
  10. I like so much this concept, Lexus needs to fight against the BMW Serie 6 and Audi A5 among others, so with this model, the thing is so interesting too.
  11. may i say that finally lexus enter TLE site and read what i said about the variant if that true we shall see GS sportcross soon too
  12. The Germans in the next few years are gonna get the beating of their lives.. 1989 was nothing compared to what's gonna happen at LEXUS worldwide domination Even I finite is starting to show its muscled
    • They are taking a beating now!!!!  Lexus Rule!!!!  They make the best things on the planet they are like Apple of automobiles!!!!!