Imagining a Next-Gen Lexus GS Wagon

Just to keep the Lexus GS train going, here’s a wagon rendering by John Nguyen that’s off-the-charts:

2012 Lexus GS Wagon

The LF-Gh’s design really shines as the hatchback — I understand that wagons are a tough sell in the USA, but that’s not the case in the remaining parts of the world, and I have to think a GS wagon that looked like this would be very well received.

(Does anyone know where this image came from? I’d like to link to the original source.)

[Source: John Nguyen Via: Club Lexus]


  1. Very clean looking. If you didn't state it was a rendered image it could have passed for something official. AUDI would have some competition to the RS6 if this give this some performance numbers
  2. Wowwwww , Bring it  on!! In Europe and diesel engine i think it would sell very well :D
  3. I don't know if this kind of cars are tough to sell in USA, because the range of brands like BMW, Mercedes, Audi or others, have the familiar models. Other thing, is that Toyota not have this there, but in Europe yes, the Avensis. Maybe they want to have some competition with Audi, because Lexus and Audi have similar philosophy and (in my opinion) a model like this wagon of Lexus and maybe hybrid can have some clients from this other brands.
  4. Looks like 5er for me ... haha
  5. It will sell good in Europe and no where else... In USA it will never outdo the sedan..
  6. Best looking Lexus I've seen in a long time. CTS-V wagon competitor? Yes, please.
  7. Don't forget Lexus tried a1st generation IS300 Sport Wagon, very rare and hard to find in the US, I think it lasted for 3 years... First Lexus to come stock with staggered wheels, I think 
    • Want to explain what exactly is staggered wheels?  :)
    • When one axle's wheels are wider than the other axles. Typically, the rear wheels would be wider than the fronts (as on the IS 300 SportCross), but Pontiac and Chevrolet did have wider wheels on the front of two of their large V8, front-wheel-drive sedans.
  8. Original source of the picture? You mean
  9. As the USA will be bankrupt soon and every year poorer, they have to focus on rich and sustainable markets like the european union. Also, China is a big market, and the chinese like sport wagons. But they have to be good: The germans are strong competitors.
  10. maybe i am wrong...but i think before Lexus will bring a wagen to the market they really need to "expand" the lineup off CrossOvers and SUVs. Lexus needs more "RX" kind off SUVs in every size. But without killing the GX and LX. And i think on a CrossOver like the "Venza" but for Lexus.
  11. Sick . . . .   Some send this image to Lexus asap !  
  12. Build it for foreign markets, but bring 1000 a year here They can sell 1000 of these, no problem BD
  13. Big body wagon GS FTW !!!!!
  14. What a really genuine rendering of the GS and wagon mixed together----looks so fitting as a wagon---maybe Lexus could give it another go and see if it takes off.....I like it. Having another Model to the line up will help sales numbers too.I say try it.