2013 Lexus GS 450h Video

Here’s a (silent) Lexus Europe video of the next-generation GS 450h:

Even in this slow-speed video, you can see how little body-roll the GS exhibits in the corners — looks extremely solid. Too bad there’s no sound, it’s almost like watching a video of a GS-EV.


  1. It's almost like watching a video of a GS-EV ... except it doesn't have tire noise & even water-splashing noise . XD
  2. JB

    That is Lexus' new technology: remove tire and environmental noise from the world itself. XD
  3. It looks so strong and masculine. Great!
  4. As the final weeks approach for the Pebble Beach release it is very exciting to see the slow revealing of the new product.....I can't wait. ....With all the new driving dynamics under the platform I am curious to see if the next generation LS will be revamped suspension and platform as well. One thing I think Lexus needs to do is lengthenĀ the "L" version a few inches more to match MB,BMW.Audi. The long wheelbases are bit longer than the Lexus long version......just wishing.....Good job Lexus !