Diesel-Powered Lexus GS Coming to Europe? [Updated]

2013 Lexus GS Diesel

Update: Just received word that this is a false rumor — there is currently no plan to release a GS diesel in Europe.

Excellent news out of Europe today — according to Autocar, the next-generation Lexus GS will be offered with a four-cylinder diesel engine:

Senior sources at Toyota’s premium brand say petrol-electric hybrids will remain central to Lexus’s range, but they also acknowledge the need to “broaden the appeal of the brand and make it more accessible — and we certainly haven’t given up on diesel”.

The frugal diesel engine will be introduced to the new GS in 2013. Lexus claims this model will start a “new direction” for the firm. It will be targeted mainly at fleets and pitched against big sellers, including the 520d.

Still no word on horsepower — a good starting point is the 2.2l diesel engine available in the Toyota Avensis, which makes a decent 177hp and 250 lb/ft of torque. Even better news? That engine is available with a manual transmission.

[Source: Autocar]


  1. Yes ! What I love on Toyota's Diesel is ... they never let you down , although I can't sure on the Lexus IS's 2.2-liter Turbo Diesel though , but I know the Hilux's 2.5-liter & 3.0-liter Turbo Diesel (3.0-liter even used VN Turbo) is very tough & won't let you down !
  2. Just received word that this is a false rumor — there is currently no plan to release a GS diesel in Europe.
  3. Thank heavens this is untrue!  Lexus Europe said in the past that they would go hybrid only and this just didn't chime with it at all.  The big problem with diesel of course is Air Quality.  Euro 6 emissions regulations come into force in 2014 which will finally give Europe the kind of emissions protection that you currently enjoy in most of the US (I know California for one has even tighter regulations).  Euro 6 will have a huge effect on diesel motors.  Only Mercedes and Audi have a Euro 6 so called "clean" diesel on sale in Europe, both of them powerful 3ltr V6 turbo motors with SCR Adblue technology. I'm still hoping that the new GS450h will have CO2 below 150g and that there will also be a even lower CO2 model.  This is where a 2.5ltr hybrid would come in.  Hopefully we find out in September at the Frankfurt auto show.
    • Actually the air quality is not the only problem for diesel, the other one is the reliability: did you ever see how many angry audi/bmw/mercedes diesel owners there are in Europe? Do a favour to yourself: check out the several forums! Put on google,for example: audi diesel problems and then do the same with bmw and benz.
    • PG

      I think the problem there is not with diesel technology itself but with who makes it. In other words, the gas versions of the German cars are not very reliable either...
    • My family & my friend have been used Toyota's diesel car for over 20 years , NEITHER of them having ANY reliability issue ... it's as good as the petrol one but just did a Fuel Consumption like a Prius .
  4. Good news for the Germans.  If Toyota brought a diesel automobile to their market, within weeks they will take over the market like a virus!  Love Toyota they make the best things on the planet!!!!
  5. Is nice to read that was a rumor... I like the Prius and the Auris HSD, bcz with the diesel engine is different, not have the same power and the consumption is much more than in a hybrid version.
  6. PG

    Pity... I was really hoping for a long-distance autobahn cruiser with Lexus reliability. Don't get me wrong, hybrids might be the way to go within cities, but they are nowhere close to diesels on the autobahn. There is something to that relaxed, low-RPM, high-speed cruising diesels allow for. At the same time, they really shine in terms of fuel economy on the autobahn.
    • You're right. Try BMW520d with 8-speed auto. It drive like a dream at 160 KM/h at 1800 RPMs.
    • And a nightmare when you broke the turbo on the authban as it happened to a friend of mine with a 535d, lol.
    • Yeah, the 535d breaks easily... :( But the 520d is too weak to break.
    • Are you crazy? Nothin is smooth like a petrol engine V6 or V8 Lexus. I can talk about that cuz I drive both and diesel engines means just on thing: noise and vibrations especially the last bmw's and audi even benz. 10 years ago they where bit better but the last are terrible.And what about reliability? lol bmw's diesel are whole joke.
  7. Europeans should try out an LS460.. It will make you fall in love with Lexus