Diesel-Powered Lexus GS Coming to Europe? [Updated]

2013 Lexus GS Diesel

Update: Just received word that this is a false rumor — there is currently no plan to release a GS diesel in Europe.

Excellent news out of Europe today — according to Autocar, the next-generation Lexus GS will be offered with a four-cylinder diesel engine:

Senior sources at Toyota’s premium brand say petrol-electric hybrids will remain central to Lexus’s range, but they also acknowledge the need to “broaden the appeal of the brand and make it more accessible — and we certainly haven’t given up on diesel”.

The frugal diesel engine will be introduced to the new GS in 2013. Lexus claims this model will start a “new direction” for the firm. It will be targeted mainly at fleets and pitched against big sellers, including the 520d.

Still no word on horsepower — a good starting point is the 2.2l diesel engine available in the Toyota Avensis, which makes a decent 177hp and 250 lb/ft of torque. Even better news? That engine is available with a manual transmission.

[Source: Autocar]