Mother Proof Reviews the Lexus LX 570

Mother Proof, a site that reviews cars from a mother’s point of view, has posted a review of the Lexus LX 570: The sheer number of buttons that greeted me on that first drive was also a bit overwhelming; I thought I might need pilot training just to get it home. I was sorely disappointed …
Kevin · April 29th, 2008

Extended Footage of the Lexus LF-A (not the racing prototype)

It’s not the Lexus LF-A racing prototype, but this extended spy video of the LF-A is still something to watch: It’s been rumored that one of the major reasons for the supercar’s production delay was the engineer’s desire to push the top speed higher. Well, when comparing this video, which was filmed last year, with …
Kevin · April 28th, 2008

Top Gear’s Richard Hammond Reviews the Lexus IS-F

I am, it must be said, a very big fan of Top Gear, so it was with great interest to find a review of the Lexus IS-F by Richard Hammond, one of the show’s presenters. Like his Fifth Gear counterpart Tom Ford, Hammond was more than impressed: And, like a penguin reincarnated as a lion …
Kevin · April 28th, 2008

Lexus trademarks IS 250C, IS 300C & IS 350C

The IS Coupe is one step closer to reality, as a moderator over at my.IS discovered some trademark applications filed by Lexus in both the USA and Canada: IS 250C, IS 300C and IS 350C. These digits lead to some interesting speculation, particularly in the case of the IS 300C. The 102-hp gap between the …
Kevin · April 25th, 2008

More Details on the Lexus LF-A Racing Prototype

Easier Motoring has a few more details on the Lexus LF-A racing prototype that will be part of the Nürburgring 24 Hour Race: Testing the vehicle on the famous Nürburgring circuit for 24 hours under gruelling race conditions will provide Lexus engineers with a unique opportunity to acquire knowledge that can be used to further …
Kevin · April 24th, 2008

WebRidesTV Comparison: Lexus IS-F vs. Audi RS4

Eager to see how the Lexus IS-F did against their “beloved” favorite, the Audi RS4, had accomplished race car driver Craig Stanton put them through the paces in this very enjoyable video: In my mind, the RS4 is probably the best “rival” for the IS-F, and between this video and Tom Ford’s RS4/IS-F/C63/M3 comparison, …
Kevin · April 24th, 2008

Lexus Commercial: Imagination is Everything

This is, without a shadow of a doubt, the weirdest Lexus commercial I’ve ever seen: A creepy man chasing a crying princess while riding a stick horse. Sure it’s a fairy tale, sure it’s a child’s imagination, but if I saw this as a kid I would have been completely freaked out.
Kevin · April 23rd, 2008

Video of the Lexus LF-A Racing Prototype on Nürburgring

A short video of the Lexus LF-A Racing prototype beaming its way through Nürburgring has emerged: The sound of the supercar is practically insane, and judging by the ridiculous speed it’s capable of, could Toyota just being playing mindgames when they stated that they would not be looking to win the 24hour Nürburgring in May? …
Kevin · April 22nd, 2008

Lexus LF-A Racing Prototype confirmed for 24 Hour Nürburgring Race

The Lexus LF-A Racing prototype has been confirmed as an entrant into the the Nurburgring 24 hour endurance challenge next month. The race, officially called the 36th ADAC Zurich 24h Race 2008, will take place in Germany on May 23-24. Although it seems contrary to the idea of racing, Toyota also announced that they would …
Kevin · April 21st, 2008

Lexus SC’s Gone Wild Video

A group of dedicated first-gen Lexus SC owners from Club Lexus have put together an extraordinary video tribute to their cars, complete with synchronized routines and even a touch of humor: Great job by everyone involved, it’s definitely “the passionate pursuit” in full effect.
Kevin · April 20th, 2008

Lexus Lifestyle Marketing

Autoweek has a story about Lexus’ latest grassroots marketing campaign, and it’s much more than teaming up with the Fairmont Hotel chain to create the “hybrid-living suites”: For a more routine hotel stay, Lexus owners at 13 other boutique hotels receive $100 vouchers for dining and spa services. Those hotels also will offer no-charge access …
Kevin · April 17th, 2008

Lexus IS-F TV Commercial

Though the Lexus IS-F’s national advertising campaign is limited strictly to movie theaters, dealers were also given a commercial made up of three of the 15-second ads. Here’s one for Lexus Stevens Creek, located in San Jose: They work really well sewn together like this, the end result is very impressive.
Kevin · April 17th, 2008

Race-Ready Lexus LF-A spotted near Nürburgring!

The Lexus LF-A is certainly causing a stir with its return to Nürburgring, as spy photographers were treated to a special surprise today with the appearance of the prototype supercar decked out in a full assortment of racing trim. Here’s a breakdown: Super-large fixed rear wing Redesigned front bumper with stacked side plates and a …
Kevin · April 16th, 2008

Does the Nissan GTR have anything to do with the Lexus LF-A delay?

Looks like whatever the problem was yesterday has been solved, because the Lexus LF-A was seen moving on its own power today, no doubt prepping for its time on Nürburgring. With that in mind, Motor Trend seems to think the real reason the LF-A has been absent from the ‘ring for so long is that …
Kevin · April 15th, 2008

Autoweek Comparison: Lexus IS-F vs. Nissan GTR

I’ve been waiting for a magazine to compare the Lexus IS-F and the Nissan GTR for a while now, and Autoweek has done just that, though it’s a much friendlier affair than the usual head-to-head: The GT-R is the faster car, but it is not necessarily better to drive. With the cars hot-shoed back-to-back, the …
Kevin · April 15th, 2008

New Lexus LF-A Spy Shots

The good news: Two new Lexus LF-A prototypes were just spotted at Nürburgring, which could quite possibly mean that the rumored development problems may finally be solved. The bad news: The LF-A had to be pushed into the garage, which could quite possibly mean that the rumored development problems may still be causing trouble. You …
Kevin · April 15th, 2008

Hennessey to Tune Lexus IS-F

Best known for for their insanely souped-up Dodge Vipers, Hennessey Performance Engineering will be turning their attention on the Lexus IS-F: In an interview with Inside Line, John Hennessey dropped some broad hints as to his next project: “We have a new IS-F coming in next week. Our plan with that car is to test …
Kevin · April 15th, 2008

Lexus Performance Driving Academy

Last month, it was announced that the annual Taste of Lexus traveling test drive tour would be discontinued and replaced with smaller, more targeted events. The reasoning was that too many current owners were taking part, even making up 75% of the audience in some locations. Regardless of how much sense it makes to close …
Kevin · April 14th, 2008

A Weekend Away

Just a quick note, I’ll be away from a computer for the next couple days and will resume posting on Monday. (Hopefully the GS-F isn’t announced this weekend!)
Kevin · April 11th, 2008

Hybrids (Still) Central to Lexus Strategy in Europe

For whatever reason, Business Week has become particularly concerned with how Lexus is doing in other parts of the world. First there was an article a couple weeks ago about the company’s sales in Japan (which I partially refuted), and now a new story has sprung up about how hybrid technology may be the key …
Kevin · April 10th, 2008

Four Wheeler Magazine reviews the Lexus LX 570

Four Wheeler magazine recently tested the Lexus LX 570, and it’s an interesting read for anyone thinking about the LX as more than just a giant on-road cruiser: The really big news, however, can be found beneath the framerails, where an all-new independent A-arm front/four-link rear suspension system utilizes Lexus-exclusive computer-managed hydraulics to lift and …
Kevin · April 9th, 2008

Lexus & Fairmont Hotels create Hybrid Living Suites

Lexus and Fairmont Hotels & Resorts have teamed up to create eco-friendly hotel suites in two of Fairmont’s luxury hotels: Fairmont Hotels & Resorts and Lexus are partnering to unveil two “Lexus Hybrid Living Suites” geared for eco-conscious visitors,  with the first to launch at The Fairmont San Francisco, followed by The Fairmont Washington, D.C. …
Kevin · April 9th, 2008

Japanese Commercial for Lexus GS Passionate Black Edition

I have a great love for the Japanese Lexus GS with the Passionate Black interior, so I was excited to discover its commercial on Youtube today. Too bad it’s just recycled footage from a previous advert: This is a stark reminder of the cultural differences between Japan and North America, no way this commercial would …
Kevin · April 9th, 2008

Lexus LS 600hL is the UK Chauffeur Car of the Year

The Lexus LS 600hL has been named the UK Chauffeur Car of the Year by The Chauffeur Magazine (no, really): Key factors behind the judges’ decision included the Lexus hybrid system which allowed for lower emission and competitive fuel economy, build quality, and the reclining and massaging rear seats which can adapt for shiatsu back …
Kevin · April 8th, 2008

Lexus Australia Dealerships to grow 50%  by 2012

When John Roca, the chief executive of Lexus Australia, isn’t leaking the future plans of his employer, he’s busy planning the expansion of Australia’s dealer network by more than 50%: Lexus Australia has announced plans to grow its current 22-strong dealer network by more than 50% by 2012. Dealers will commit A$230m towards new and …
Kevin · April 8th, 2008

Lexus LS 460 Commercial: The Life of a US Open Tennis Ball

I remember hearing about it last year, but this is the first time I’ve seen this Lexus commercial detailing the life of a US Open tennis ball after its day in the spotlight: Quirky and cute, it’s a neat take on the standard sponsorship advertisement, and makes you think, what really does happen to all …
Kevin · April 8th, 2008

Details on Lexus’ Future Lineup

John Roca, the chief executive of Lexus Australia, just can’t seem to help himself when it comes to leaking new product announcements. In an interview with The Australian, Roca dropped information about a number of new vehicles in the Lexus pipeline: Lexus will be expanding the F lineup to include the GS-F, which was rumored …
Kevin · April 7th, 2008

Technophobe Falls for the Lexus LS 600hL

James Martin, an automobile reviewer for the Daily Mail, has an aversion to car technology, and was pretty sure he was going to despise the Lexus LS 600hL, but then something strange happened: I’m not even into technology on cars. Four wheels and an engine is complex enough – after all these years, it still …
Kevin · April 5th, 2008

Car & Driver Comparison Test: Lexus IS-F vs. BMW M3

When I saw that Car & Driver was running a comparison test between the BMW M3 sedan and the Lexus IS-F, I knew it was a forgone conclusion, the BMW was going to come out on top. After all, the 3-series, which the M3 is based on, has been a fixture on C&D’s 10Best list …
Kevin · April 3rd, 2008

The Real Lexus Numbers in Japan

Last month, Business Week published a story detailing Lexus’ lack of success in Japan when compared to its German competitors. As a respected magazine, it was easy to take their findings at face value, but by using some actual numbers obtained from the Japanese Automotive Dealers Association, the story looks to have been sensationalized slightly. …
Kevin · April 2nd, 2008

Companion Video from Auto Express’ IS-F/M3/C63 Comparison Test

Here’s a video to go along with Auto Express’ comparison test of the Lexus IS-F, BMW M3, Mercedes C63 and Audi RS4, though the RS4 is omitted from the footage, due to the fact that it’s been discontinued: It’s nice to see all three cars as they cut a line across the same track, but …
Kevin · April 2nd, 2008

Lexus USA March 2008 Sales Report

The automotive manufacturing recession was in full swing in March, making for another month of sales drops. Here’s the per model breakdown (please note that GS sales are now being grouped): 2008 2007 % Change IS250/350/F 4,798 5,077 1.8 ES350 6,019 7,444 -12.9 GS350/460/450h 1,668 2,103 -14.6 SC430 271 370 -21.1 LS460/600h L 2,125 3,134 …
Kevin · April 1st, 2008