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Lexus trademarks IS 250C, IS 300C & IS 350C

The IS Coupe is one step closer to reality, as a moderator over at my.IS discovered some trademark applications filed by Lexus in both the USA and Canada: IS 250C, IS 300C and IS 350C.

These digits lead to some interesting speculation, particularly in the case of the IS 300C. The 102-hp gap between the IS 250 and 350 has long been a bone of contention, especially because the IS 250 is available with a manual transmission. Now, with this new IS 300C designation, this gap could very well be plugged with something along the lines of the 3GR-FSE V6 (from the 2006-2007 GS 300). Very good news, if that’s the case.

One glaring omission is the IS-FC, though it seems more likely that there would be no differentiation between the coupe and sedan models.

All in all, a very positive development. 

(Note: The above image is not the production IS coupe, but rather a rendering by a still-to-be-determined source.)

[Source: my.IS]

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