Drawings of the Lexus Dedicated Hybrid (and the 1-Series Competitor?)

No idea just how close it will be to the real deal, but Club Lexus member GFerg has posted up a drawing of what the dedicated hybrid from Lexus might look like, taken from the Japanese magazine Mag-X:

Lexus Prius Drawing

All in all, it doesn’t look all that bad, but I’m still scratching my head at how necessary this car really is. Bringing a rebadged Prius into the Lexus lineup is ill-fitting, to say the least, and I hope Lexus avoids it at all costs. If they’re dead set on releasing a small hybrid, in my mind it makes more sense to offer it as an variant of the “no-longer-just-a-rumor” BMW 1-series competitor.

Speaking of which, there was another image in Mag-X that may very well be a rendering of that very vehicle:

Lexus' BMW 1-series competitor

Far too bubbly, especially in the hood (though it might just be the scan), but it’s hard to ignore the charm of this smaller version of the IS. Why bother with a Prius when this shape is so much more appealing?

[Source: Club Lexus]