Lexus RC Convertible in the Works?

According to a Motoring Australia interview with Lexus RC chief engineer Junichi Furyama, the new coupe has a potential future as a convertible: However, while willing to reveal the rear-wheel drive two-door coupe boasted underbody bracing that would aid development of a replacement for the outdated IS 250C, Furyama was not prepared to confirm that …
Kevin · November 29th, 2013

Videos: Up Close with the Lexus RC & LF-NX

During the Tokyo Motor Show last week, Lexus asked their Twitter followers to submit ideas for videos from the show floor — 20 videos were created over the course of a single day, including my request for a detailed look at the RC’s headlights: The full collection of videos can be seen on the Lexus …
Kevin · November 28th, 2013

Photo: Lexus LFA, Toyota 2000GT & Toyota Supra All Together

Here’s something you don’t see every day — the Lexus LFA, Toyota Supra & Toyota 2000GT all together all in red. These three Toyota performance icons belong to Javier Quirós, the president of Purdy Motor (the Toyota distributor in Costa Rica) and a previous Gazoo Racing LFA team driver — here’s the photo in desktop …
Kevin · November 27th, 2013

Video Collection: The Lexus RC at the Tokyo Motor Show

There are plenty of Lexus RC videos floating around on Youtube — let’s start with this 360° view of the new coupe: This Autoguide video of the RC is worth watching for the visuals, but the presenter’s over-the-top descriptors are a little much (he also makes a factual error, the RC is not a production …
Kevin · November 26th, 2013

Video: Introducing the Lexus RTI Touchpad Controller

The next-generation Lexus infotainment controller, the Remote Touch Interface touchpad, debuted last week in the RC coupe at the Tokyo Motor Show — while there’s little detail on how the system works, Lexus did release a quick video demonstration: Perhaps the most interesting thing about this new touchpad is the haptic feedback, which should make …
Kevin · November 26th, 2013

Lexus to Introduce Full Range of Turbocharged Engines?

Motoring Australia has some details on the future of turbo engines in the Lexus lineup: Little technical information was released in Tokyo and no outputs confirmed, however Lexus group manger engine product design Teru Ogawa told that a family of engines was being developed. Asked what capacities would be offered, he said “both larger …
Kevin · November 25th, 2013

Lexus IS F CCS-R to Participate in 25 Hours of Thunderhill Endurance Race

Lexus USA has announced an official IS F CCS-R team will be participating in the 25 Hours of Thunderhill, an annual endurance race at the Thunderhill Raceway Park in Willows, California. Lexus released details on the three-driver team: Jeff Westphal: Leader of the Lexus team at Thunderhill.  Jeff is well-known for setting nearly a dozen …
Kevin · November 25th, 2013

Live Photos of the Updated 2014 Lexus CT 200h

Kicking Tires has a photo gallery of the updated 2014 Lexus CT 200h F SPORT from the LA Auto Show — here’s a selection: The update to the front grille brings the hatchback in line with the rest of model lineup, and seems to work well — that said, I do wonder if the F …
Kevin · November 24th, 2013

First Impressions of the Lexus RC

This week in Japan, Lexus debuted their new RC coupe — it was first revealed at a special event at Ryōgoku Kokugikan sumo stadium on Monday, and then it had its public debut at the Tokyo Motor Show. This is the brand’s first mass-production hardtop coupe since 2000, and marks the beginning of an exciting …
Kevin · November 22nd, 2013

Video: Introducing the 2014 Lexus CT 200h

Fresh from its debut in China, there’s a video with the newly updated 2014 Lexus CT 200h: (A quick note to anyone in the Los Angeles area — the 2014 CT will be on display at the LA Auto Show starting today.)
Kevin · November 21st, 2013

The Updated 2014 Lexus CT 200h & CT 200h F SPORT

The updated 2014 Lexus CT 200h & CT 200h F SPORT debuted at the Guangzhou Motor Show today — still waiting to see live photos from the show floor, but here’s the full press release and a new collection of photos.
Kevin · November 21st, 2013

Lexus RC Official Photo Gallery

Along with the launch video, Lexus has released a new set of RC coupe photos — let’s divide it up into a couple different groups. Lexus RC in Silver Lexus RC in Red Lexus RC Interior Lexus RC Technical Images Looking through these photos, the car looks much better in person — more sculpted, much …
Kevin · November 20th, 2013

Video: Introducing the All-New Lexus RC Coupe

Lexus has released the launch video for the new RC coupe, and it’s a wild one: Related in style to the Lexus IS launch in January, this video is full of random, near-terrifying imagery — meteors crashing to earth, shrieking foxes, sparkling blood, there’s nothing off-limits. It’s so out of control that I found myself …
Kevin · November 20th, 2013

2014 Lexus RC Information

There’s going to be a lot of new information on the Lexus RC over the next few days — I’ll have a full live photo gallery and an interview with RC chief engineer Junichi Furuyama shortly — but let’s start with the press release and a collection of official photos.
Kevin · November 20th, 2013

Live Coverage: Lexus at the Tokyo Motor Show

The Lexus RC coupe will debut at the Tokyo Motor Show today, and I will be in the Big Sight convention center with live coverage throughout the day. The press conference will also be broadcast live starting at 6:30pm EST/3:30pm PST — here’s the video player: You can follow along with my live coverage in …
Kevin · November 19th, 2013

Lexus Named Top Luxury Brand in Kelley Blue Book 2014 Residual Value Awards

For the third year in a row, Lexus was named the top luxury brand in Kelley Blue Book’s 2014 Best Resale Value Awards. Along with the overall brand award, six Lexus vehicles also won Best Resale Value in their respective categories: Entry-Level Luxury: 2014 Lexus ES 350 High-End Luxury Car: 2014 Lexus LS 460 Hybrid/Alternative …
Kevin · November 19th, 2013

Lexus RC 500 F Trademark Registered in Canada

According to My.IS moderator k3vo, Lexus has filed for the RC500 F trademark in Canada due to a possible name conflict over RC F: …there was a Canadian trademark application that was previously filed November 3, 2010, by Weir-Jones Engineering Consultants Ltd. of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, for the mark “RCF” which covers products like …
Kevin · November 18th, 2013

Joe Bacal & Lexus LX Win Stock Full Class in 2013 Baja 1000 Off-Road Race

Joe Bacal’s JTGrey racing team have won the Stock Full class of the SCORE International Baja 1000 with their Lexus LX racer. This marks the third time in five years that JTGrey have won the 1,000 mile off-road race through Mexico’s Baja peninsula — the team finished the race in 29 hours and 21 minutes …
Kevin · November 18th, 2013

Lexus RC Debuts at Special Event in Tokyo

In a surprise move, Lexus unveiled the RC sports coupe at the Ryōgoku Kokugikan sumo stadium in Tokyo tonight. Getting proper photos in the party people atmosphere was difficult, so I decided instead to focus on details and leave the more extensive photo galleries until tomorrow’s official debut at the Motor Show: With a limited …
Kevin · November 18th, 2013

Live from the Fuji Speedway: F SPORT Day

The first stop on the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show tour is the Fuji Speedway, where I’ll have a chance to drive the LFA Nürburgring Edition, IS F CCS-R, and most curiously, an IS 350 F SPORT with Lexus Dynamic Handling (LDH) with Dynamic Rear Steering. I’ll be writing about the experience in detail later, but …
Kevin · November 17th, 2013

2013 Tokyo Motor Show Trip: A Visit to Japan

The Lexus RC will debut at the Tokyo Motor Show this week, and I’m here in Japan to bring you live coverage of the new coupe’s reveal. Along with the Motor Show, the week in Japan will be full of activities — among the highlights is to the Fuji Speedway to drive some unusual F …
Kevin · November 17th, 2013

Interview with Lexus LX Baja 1000 Racer Joe Bacal

This weekend, Joe Bacal & the JT Gray team will once again be racing the Baja 1000 with their Lexus LX racer — earlier this month, Lexus Enthusiast contributor Tim Esterdahl spoke with Joe about the LX was built for off-road racing. Lexus is known for its quality and nobody probably knows that better than …
Kevin · November 15th, 2013

Lexus Designer: “LF-NX is a Lightweight Fighter”

The second issue of Lexus’ BEYOND Magazine will soon be published, and the Lexus International website has a preview of the feature LF-NX story: “To use boxing terminology, the LF-NX is a lightweight fighter,” says designer Nobuyuki Tomatsu when asked to describe the latest Lexus concept car, unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September. …
Kevin · November 15th, 2013

Video: Cruising Estonia in the Lexus IS 300h F SPORT

Time to take a little break and cruise Estonia in the Lexus IS 300h F SPORT: This video was produced by the Lexus Tallinn dealership in Estonia, and it’s extremely well done — the quality reminds me of a less intense Vossen video. (Thanks Taavi!)
Kevin · November 14th, 2013

Will Lexus Ever Build a Diesel SUV?

Will Lexus ever make a diesel SUV? According to a Drive Australia interview with Lexus International executive vice president Mark Templin, there is a remote possibility: Templin also reaffirmed the brand’s aversion to diesel engines, despite soaring sales of diesels in other luxury marques. “At Lexus we don’t have plans for diesel at the current …
Kevin · November 14th, 2013

Personalized Live Lexus Video from Tokyo Motor Show

As part of the RC 350 coupe reveal next week at the Tokyo Motor Show, Lexus is running a social media initiative through Twitter & Vine: On the 21st, send your tweet to Lexus via Twitter – using the Twitter hashtag #LexusInTokyo – with your request for an up-close view of the design details of …
Kevin · November 13th, 2013

More Lexus F High-Performance Models in the Works?

Lexus International executive vice president Mark Templin shared his first public comments on the upcoming RC coupe with Motoring Australia: “The car is great because it is wider than IS, it’s got the track width of GS, it’s shorter than IS. It’s got bits from both of those cars and it’s going to be a …
Kevin · November 13th, 2013

2014 Lexus IS Wins Popular Mechanics Automotive Excellence Award

Popular Mechanics have awarded the 2014 Lexus IS their Automotive Excellence Award in the Luxury category: Every Lexus parked on the showroom floor is stuffed with the comfort, craftsmanship, and refinement that have made the brand famous. The new IS overflows with these hallmark qualities, but what’s new here is that Lexus has infused the …
Kevin · November 12th, 2013

Motor Trend Comparison: Lexus GS 350 F SPORT vs. Cadillac CTS V SPORT

In this latest Motor Trend video, host Jonny Lieberman puts the Lexus GS 350 F SPORT against the Cadillac CTS V SPORT: With all of its performance upgrades and 100+ horsepower advantage, the CTS V SPORT was almost guaranteed to win this track-focused comparison. However, this didn’t stop Lieberman from being extremely positive about the …
Kevin · November 12th, 2013

Updated 2014 Lexus CT 200h to Debut at Guangzhou Motor Show in China

Lexus has announced that the 2014 CT 200h will debut at the 2013 Guangzhou Motor Show in China on November 21st — from the press release: This compact luxury hybrid receives a new Lexus “spindle grille,” one of several dynamic and sophisticated exterior styling changes implemented for 2014 model year. Other exterior changes include newly …
Kevin · November 11th, 2013

A Tour of the Lexus Design Center in Japan

Lexus Magazine has a new feature on the Lexus Design Center in the Aichi Prefecture of Japan, where designers conceive and develop future concepts and production models: In central Japan, there’s a glass-fronted building that blends in with its surrounding office structures. As one approaches, though, security gates are a tip-off that something intriguing may …
Kevin · November 11th, 2013

2.0L Turbo Powered Lexus CT on the Way?

In an interview with Motoring Australia, Lexus International executive vice president Mark Templin makes the case for a higher powered CT hatchback sometime in the future: “I think the CT got a reputation for its handling steering and suspension system. If we had had a second powertrain in that car, I think sure we would …
Kevin · November 11th, 2013

ZENT CERUMO Lexus SC 430 Wins Super GT Championship

As the Super GT season comes to a close with last week’s Round 8 race, the third place finish by the #38 ZENT CERUMO SC430 team of Kazuki Nakajima & James Rossiter secured enough points to win the season championship. This marks the end of the SC 430 era in the Super GT GT500 class …
Kevin · November 11th, 2013

Imagining the Lexus RC Convertible

Master photochopper Theophilus Chin has created a Lexus RC convertible based on Motor Trend’s photos: Unlike the previous generation IS, the shape of the RC lends itself to a convertible — a hard top convertible variant of the RC feels inevitable, and if these renderings are anywhere close to the final production model, it’s going …
Kevin · November 10th, 2013

More Photos of the 2014 Lexus CT 200h

The updated 2014 Lexus CT 200h has been spotted once again — Car Advice has the photos: The pure white license plate matches the spy photos seen last month, as does the white exterior and blacked-out roof — Car Advice speculates on when the new CT will debut: The 2014 facelift is tipped to be …
Kevin · November 8th, 2013

Lexus GS 200t Trademarked in Japan

According to Japanese Lexus fan site Lexus Musts, Lexus has trademarked GS 200t in Japan — here’s a screenshot of the filing: GS 200t has also been trademarked in Australia — the 200t designation is expected to be the 2.0L four-cylinder turbo that’s set to debut at the Tokyo Motor Show later this month in …
Kevin · November 7th, 2013

Hybrid Lexus LX in 2016?

According to Reuters, the Nikkei newspaper in Japan reports that Toyota will release hybrid versions of its large SUVs in 2016: Toyota Motor Corp plans to roll out hybrid versions of its large sport utility vehicles from 2016 to prepare for tougher environmental regulations, the Nikkei reported, quoting sources. The automaker intends to develop hybrid …
Kevin · November 7th, 2013

Lexus & BMW Working Together on a Hybrid Supercar?

Peter Lyon from Motoring Australia is reporting that BMW & Lexus are working on a next-generation LFA supercar: It’s been nearly two years since Toyota and BMW announced an agreement to co-develop sports cars using state-of-the-art hybrid technologies, and now a source close to the two companies says the pair has decided on its first …
Kevin · November 6th, 2013

Live Lexus Coverage: SEMA 2013

The 2013 SEMA Show starts today, and I’m in Las Vegas to bring you all live Lexus coverage. Lexus has nine modified cars at this year’s show — six new IS models, one first-generation IS, a second-generation IS, and the LFA. There’s also sure to be other Lexus models throughout the convention center. Live coverage …
Kevin · November 5th, 2013

More Photos of the Lexus RC Coupe

Motor Trend has exclusive photos of the 2013 Lexus RC, including high-resolution images of the all-important front/side/rear of the car: Motor Trend also spoke with RC Chief Engineer Junichi Furuyama about the new production coupe and how it fits in the Lexus lineup: Speaking of the IS, in asking Furuyama why Lexus wouldn’t use the …
Kevin · November 5th, 2013

Lexus Releases Second Commercial in Global Branding Campaign

Lexus has released the second installment of their global marketing campaign — this time, it’s a collaboration with KMEL Robotics in the aptly-titled SWARM: Like the earlier STEPS commercial, this video doesn’t feature a Lexus vehicle at all — but instead of giant puppets, it’s a swarm of tiny quadrocopters escaping from museums and buildings …
Kevin · November 4th, 2013

Lexus RC Coupe to Introduce Next-Generation Remote Touch Controller

Looking over the photo of the Lexus RC interior, it shows a design very similar to the third-generation IS — in fact, the only noticeable difference is the new Remote Touch controller: As seen in previous spy photos, the earlier mouse-like puck has been replaced with a touchscreen divided into four quadrants, with the HOME, …
Kevin · November 4th, 2013

Turbocharged Lexus LF-NX Concept to Debut at Tokyo Motor Show

Lexus will be showing a new turbocharged LF-NX concept alongside the production RC coupe at the Tokyo Motor Show: The Lexus LF-NX concept, which made its debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show earlier this year, has been outfitted with a newly-developed 2.0-liter turbo engine for guaranteed power and improved fuel economy. A lower center of …
Kevin · November 4th, 2013

Lexus RC Sports Coupe to Debut at Tokyo Motor Show

The long-awaited Lexus RC coupe will make its worldwide debut at the Tokyo Motor Show on November 20th — let’s get straight to the fresh new photos released moments ago: Two versions will be unveiled: the RC 350, with a 3.5L V6 engine; and the RC 300h hybrid, with a 2.5L four-cylinder engine — the …
Kevin · November 4th, 2013

Video: Neon-Light Lexus LS 430 from Japan

Let’s end the week with an absolutely bonkers neon-lights Lexus LS 430/Toyota Celsior from Japan: Have a nice weekend, everyone — next week is SEMA, get ready for live coverage! See more photos of the Neon Light Celsior
Kevin · November 1st, 2013

Lexus October 2013 Sales Report

USA Lexus USA has reported 22,719 total sales for October 2013, a 10.2% improvement over last year — here’s the model-by-model breakdown: MONTH Year to Date (*DSR) 2013 2012 % CHG* 2013 2012 % CHG* CT 842 1,199 -32.4 12,282 14,811 ‐17.1 HS 0 3 ‐100.0 5 644 ‐99.2 IS 3,570 2,116 62.5 25,630 23,223 …
Kevin · November 1st, 2013