Lexus Designer: “LF-NX is a Lightweight Fighter”

Lexus LF-NX Feature in Beyond Magazine

The second issue of Lexus’ BEYOND Magazine will soon be published, and the Lexus International website has a preview of the feature LF-NX story:

“To use boxing terminology, the LF-NX is a lightweight fighter,” says designer Nobuyuki Tomatsu when asked to describe the latest Lexus concept car, unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September. “While cutting his weight down to the bare minimum required, he has developed muscles essential for competing at the top of his game.”

The LF-NX’s exterior styling is full of aggressive lines, muscular motifs and bold forms—innovative design elements it’s taken Tomatsu and a talented group of Lexus designers a significant amount of time to perfect. Using a 1:1 scale model, the team worked hard to refine the vehicle to its optimum form. “We tried every conceivable idea to sharpen its overall look as much as possible,” Tomatsu explains, “so you wouldn’t see even an ounce of ‘fat’ on the resultant shape.”

In all my years covering Lexus, I can’t think of another concept more polarizing than the LF-NX — it was like a full shock to the system. Looking forward to seeing it in person at next week’s Tokyo Motor Show.

Read the full BEYOND story about the LF-NX


  1. LF-NX is too bad-ass for most, but just right for me. BD
  2. Muscular indeed.
  3. I love this NX vehicle and can see future LEXUS model design sharing some of the characteristics. I would love to see some of the profile aggressiveness on a new sleeker, longer and bolder LS Flagship line. I can visualize it now....Waiting for the 2015 LS line-up with anticipation.
  4. RAL defines finesse as "extreme delicacy or subtlety in action, performance, skill, discrimination, taste, etc." L-Finesse??? . . . where?
    • L = Leading edge and defined as - something that is or represents the most advanced or innovative aspects of a field, activity; forefront, vanguard : the Leading edge of Finesse
    • RAL

      Lexus Design Philosophy . . . . . . defines L-Finesse as "leading edge design and technology applied with finesse" . . . with finesse (extreme delicacy or subtlety) . . . There are three core principles to L-Finesse: seamless anticipation, incisive simplicity, and intriguing elegance. When I look at the images of the LF-NX I see a contradiction in terms at the very least.
    • Given that Lexus what's to be bold in their design it would be interesting to see how they apply finesse from this concept in the production model.... Can't wait
    • RAL

      You hit the nail on the head! . . . we'll see!