Photo: Lexus LFA, Toyota 2000GT & Toyota Supra All Together

Lexus LFA & Toyota 2000GT & Toyota Supra

Here’s something you don’t see every day — the Lexus LFA, Toyota Supra & Toyota 2000GT all together all in red.

These three Toyota performance icons belong to Javier Quirós, the president of Purdy Motor (the Toyota distributor in Costa Rica) and a previous Gazoo Racing LFA team driver — here’s the photo in desktop wallpaper size:

Lexus LFA & Toyota 2000GT & Toyota Supra

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Special thanks to Javier Quirós & Mauricio Barquero for sending this photos over!


  1. MD

    Three legends in one place. As they say, Lexus LFA - the greatest car ever to have come out of Japan
  2. Legends ONLY comes once in a LIFE that's why it's called LEGENDS KEEP CALM AND LOVE THOSE LEGENDS
  3. I have had the Pleasure of knowing two Legeneds The supra and LFA in the metal
  4. This would have been an excellent promo photo if the red RC was somewhere in there.
  5. they have a both cars parked on the second floor show room at the Richmond Open Road Lexus
    • These are professional racing driver Javier's personal cars and he lives in Costa Rica so the Open Road LFA is a Canadian model. BTW, Javier loves his LFA so much that he purchased a second Lexus LFA while he was in US and he is importing it back to Costa Rica. All three are legends and I agree like Jeremy Clarkson said, LFA is the best car out there today.
    • i ain't talking about Javier, I'm talking about what's parked in my local Lexus dealership. both 2000GT and LFA. I meant the same models not the exact cars.
  6. Leave it to Costa Rica to make epic happen. Hope to retire then sooner, rather than later...... BD
  7. This looks good too, isn't it ? LF-A along side Toyota GT86 and Glanza Turbo.