Lexus RC Debuts at Special Event in Tokyo

Lexus RC Reveal Tokyo

In a surprise move, Lexus unveiled the RC sports coupe at the Ryōgoku Kokugikan sumo stadium in Tokyo tonight.

Getting proper photos in the party people atmosphere was difficult, so I decided instead to focus on details and leave the more extensive photo galleries until tomorrow’s official debut at the Motor Show:

With a limited amount of time to study the RC, I can say that the body lines have a real flow to them, with deep creases that really bring out the muscular profile — I’m certainly eager to see it in the proper light on the auto show floor tomorrow.


  1. I'm biting my lip with desire! She is a monumental seductress! :-D
  2. Those headlights are so ugly (in my opinion).
  3. Anyone know the expected price for this beauty?
  4. Looks a little bit too much of ES, especially the front, but it is ok. F-sport grille only would be looking smarter than those lines. However. Hope NX-design will be an exception! Keep the GS/IS-design for a while, please! Do not go like Mazda/Peugeot/Renault/Nissan/Ford...changing too fast too much. This also harms reselling price of existing modells and undermines price stability of used cars. For my opinion, the IS300h is the best-looking and optimal motorised LEX money can buy. NX and RC design revolutions are far too early for now! Do not forget: GS - hardly one year old - looks a little bit out of style thanks NX. NX and RC makes contrast to existing models bigger (polarization) and accelerates depreciation of design. A pitty! And this is all for maximizing selling figures... A dilution of design line. Greetings, Lexusman
  5. Guys, compare RC to new Mazda 6. And?.... Mazda goes Lexus et vice versa? Hopefully not! Mike
  6. Man that's a nice factory paint job. This car is beautiful ! I wanna see in it in black !!
  7. Pure sexy Wanna one now :) Amazing job by Lexus design team
  9. It is very good, but will be the best with black panoramic roof, back air wing and ventilated disc brakes. I really hope, these 3 things will be involved in next year Lexus IS.
  10. Lexus definitely stepped up a class with this car. Now give it a throw down engine to fight the AMG, M and RS cars.
  11. From the width looking like a 2008 BMW M6 Coupe. Love the fish-hooks headlight but the main headlight is terrible and the spindle grille, Geez, if they at least made spindle grille like the 2014 IS F Sport, the RC would have been the sexiest car I've seen of 2013, but no they wanted to make a BRZ cross bumper and added a weird top grille that Lexus has never done and the better grille being at the bottom where no one looks at! I hope vehicle designers make a bodykit that throws what Lexus did away, and I'm hoping for Lexus to revise that grille in the future. What do they care anyway, I'm a guy behind my keyboard, Trust me, Car Reviewers will call that front bumper uglier than the other spindle grilles that actually look great. This is just my opinion, my 2 cents.
  12. mat

    I can only agree with most of you.. by design, RC is a bit of everything.. bmw6/mazda6/audi5/toyotaGT86 etc. and that could be the reason of no it's own personality It "used to have" while we've been introduced with exeptional concept model. Small differences yet importnat ones. Anyhow... I only hope RC will get 450h/350 versions in EU.
  13. That front end is kinda growing on me.
  14. It's a hybrid interesting. I thought there was only going to be RC200t, RC350, & RC (500)F. But the front badges say otherwise likely RC300h.
  15. STUNNING! Makes the Germans look humdrum and boring. This car has incredible presence.
  16. Grill needs to be flatter vertically. I do not like the disconnection between the top half and the lower half. I'll reserve the rest of my comments for when better photos appear.
    • As a fact! This split looks like from ES and not very smooth. Hope, aftermarket tuners can supply alternatives... More vertically flattened would be fine. Lexusman Europe
    • Thing is, many here think that my comments towards the RC are biased and that I have something against Lexus. I don't. I love all cars that I can relate to at an emotional level. I don't want a car that "makes sense". If I want a sport car, I want something powerful hard edges and a nasty sounding engine. sleek doesn't work anymore. If I want luxury, I want a fat car that resembles a hand crafted pillow. Lexus needs to take a break and revisit their designs. What does RC mean? What is the vision? What do people think when you use the letter R? Is it free to use or reserved for a certain type of vehicle. Where are the contrasting colors? The revolutionary designs? How are you breaking new ground? Those lights last a few years, you want something that people will look back at after 30, 40 years and say, "damn that thing was beautiful, let's bring it back"!
    • you havent even seen the car on the road, yet you are saying alot. heck, you havent even seen the F model yet. stop being too judgmental. toyota designed the most loved ft86, supras, MR2, celicas. They know what they are doing, give us a breack please.
    • You're right, I haven't seen the car on the road yet but I believe I'm entitled to an opinion.
    • If these one thing toyota/lexus knows best is designing of such coups, this is where they put the Germans into the hall of shame. Like the ft86, give it a chance to see it on the road and see
    • That is not the point, leopard88! You see the fotos, that is all you need. ;) Lexusman
    • That ignorance at best!
  17. nah! Lexus trying too hard with their new style grille, this coupe has too much front & rear overhangs, as well as too busy with all the lines. Lost simplicity and smoothness. I'm disappointed.