Lexus GS 200t Trademarked in Japan

Lexus GS 200t

According to Japanese Lexus fan site Lexus Musts, Lexus has trademarked GS 200t in Japan — here’s a screenshot of the filing:

Lexus GS 200t Trademark Filing

GS 200t has also been trademarked in Australia — the 200t designation is expected to be the 2.0L four-cylinder turbo that’s set to debut at the Tokyo Motor Show later this month in the LF-NX concept.

[Source: Lexus Musts]


  1. yes please 200t sounds great on all Lexus models
  2. I wonder if a CT200t is a possibility, may be why the lettering was masked during the photoshoot. On a side note, anyone else see that RC500F was trademarked. Giving us a better idea at whats under the hood of the RC-F.
    • I did, which is also where I saw the GS200t trademark. I didn't say anything, as I wasn't sure. I was corrected and noticed the trademark for RC 500 and RC500F was for issues in Canada regarding another existing trademark,
  3. Hi

    RC 200t as base model would be great
  4. I look forward to RX200t and RX300h.
  5. Lexus is going to be the benchmark one day! its funny how the CTS won MT COY while Lexus has been creating amazing after amazing and gets no respect I would love to see the 200t 300h as the new base engine especially on the IS GS and CT that 200t would change the CT forever
  6. PG

    What I am wondering is where the 200t will be in terms of performance? Is it going to replace the 3.5 V6 or is it meant to be an entry-level engine below? In any case 2.0 turbos these days make almost 300 hp, putting the 200t squarely in the ballpark of the current V6.
    • Lexus isn't dumb. They won't overlap their products. And 2.0t makin 300HP are highly stressed ones. Expect the 2.0t from Lexus to be at about 268HP and possibly 270 ft-ib MAX
    • MT

      The A45AMG engine gets 360hp, but only for 6.5 seconds. After that it gets limited to some lower hp number until it has cooled down. I don't want such "over the edge" crap in a Lexus.
  7. A Turbo GS ? mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm yummy
  8. MT

    What about the GS chief engineer: "No 4 cylinder in the GS". That was a big lie. With the 200t replacing the 250 the GS lineup will be 50% V6 and 50% i4. I like it, a good move for Lexus, even if i don't like turbo engines you just gotta have them as this is what all the competitors do.
  9. So when we will see the 300t, 400t as we already have a solid time frame to see the 500TT :)
  10. I actually noticed this while going the UK, U.S. and Canadian trademark databases last week. Didn't realize it was even unreported.