Lexus October 2013 Sales Report

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Lexus USA has reported 22,719 total sales for October 2013, a 10.2% improvement over last year — here’s the model-by-model breakdown:

MONTH Year to Date (*DSR)
2013 2012 % CHG* 2013 2012 % CHG*
CT 842 1,199 -32.4 12,282 14,811 ‐17.1
HS 0 3 ‐100.0 5 644 ‐99.2
IS 3,570 2,116 62.5 25,630 23,223 10.4
ES 5,997 5,971 ‐3.3 58,073 42,105 37.9
GS 1,293 1,521 ‐18.1 15,548 17,538 ‐11.3
LS 1,055 834 21.8 8,624 5,750 50.0
SC 0 0 NA 0 2 ‐100.0
LFA 2 3 ‐35.8 20 36 ‐44.4
Total Cars 12,759 11,647 5.5 120,182 104,109 15.4
RX 7,979 6,928 10.9 81,258 73,976 9.8
GX 1,498 909 58.7 8,603 8,629 ‐0.3
LX 483 366 27.1 3,436 4,126 ‐16.7
Total Trucks 9,960 8,203 16.9 93,297 86,731 7.6
Total Sales 22,719 19,850 10.2 213,479 190,840 11.9

Please note, all percentages are calculated by the Daily Sales Rate (DSR), which takes into account the number of days in the month that dealerships could sell cars. October 2013 had 27 selling days, October 2012 had 26 selling days.

For the most part, it’s all positives for Lexus in October — the new IS had a good month, the ES & LS are continuing to set a strong pace, and the refreshed GX and the rest of SUV lineup showed excellent growth over last year.

The GS continues to struggle after a successful 2012, with sales dipping to 1,293. That said, the GS is also the oldest model in the lineup outside of the CTh, which is also struggling — I wonder if Lexus USA bringing in the GS 300h would do anything to boost sales?

[Source: Lexus USA]


Lexus Canada has sold 1,609 units, setting a record for the best October ever and making it three months in a row of record sales. Of special note, IS sales are up 117.3% and LS sales are up 155.6%.

[Source: Lexus Canada]


  1. Bring GS 460 back !
  2. Can Lexus Enthusiast help? You have provided a link to the Toyota/Lexus Canada press release about its October sales. There is usually a link to the complete model sales breakdown near the bottom of their press releases. This month though there seems to be one or more words missing from their link and it doesn't work. Can you provide one?
    • Sure, here you go:
  3. RAL

    How much does the ES cannibalize GS sales?
  4. Not a bad month. But could've been better. Mercedes managed to sell 30,069 cars last month..
  5. As long as Lexus is in the 20k a month range, that's fine. With Mercedes bottom-feeding the market with the $298k CLA, don't expect many sales titles from Lexus for awhile. 250k annual sales will have to be enough, which is really what they should be selling. A little exclusivity is a good thing. Glad Lexus is standing fast when it comes to pricing, and not resorting to bottom-feeding like the competition. The average new car costs $31k. luxury cars SHOULD start over that, at a minimum..... BD
  6. How is the GS the "oldest" model in the line up if it was redesigned for 2013 (the sales of the redesigned models having begun in Q4 2012). Is there something I'm not following here?
    • Yes, you are not following. Yes you are correct about the 2012 launch but that is why it's currently the oldest model with the new spindle design.
    • RAL

      Wouldn't the LS be the oldest model . . . not having undergone a complete redesign since 2007?
    • *since 2006*
    • RAL

      Production began in August 2006 as a 2007 model . . .
    • Yes, I know that actually in having wrote/publicized that start of production date myself via Wikipedia a few years ago and it spread around the internet. Many could misconstrue "since 2007" as the XF40 LS debuting in and only being around since the calendar year of 2007, which isn't true. It was leaked in April/May & October 2005, previewed as LF-Sh at Tokyo '05, officially revealed on January 8, 2006, and launched in September 2006. I never refer to model years like that in order to avoid confusing people. I've seen too many make the mistaken assumption of a model year accounting for the exact date of a model change or introduction. I'm mentioning this, as some people lately have often understated the age of the current LS as being a mere 6 years old, when it's a bit older.
    • RAL

      Thanks! I confess I got the info from Wikipedia!
  7. I think no GS 300h for the North American market - as Lexus USA was saying "no 4-cylinder for the GS here in NA". So the customers have to choose the ES 300h.
  8. There is no problem with the GS ... The problem is how Lexus markets the car. Existing Lexus customers account for the majority of sales ...and traditional Lexus customers are it the target market. Lexus has started a direct mail campaign offering $75 gift cards for customers who come in for a test drive but so far all we have seen are Toyota customers, not current owners if German cars which is who Lexus should be targeting. John
  9. I vote no on the GS300h, in it's current form. Now if they improve it, and add 25 more HP, it's worth a shot. Lexus buyers get their hybrids. But the lineup doesn't need a more expensive ES300h. The GS should be more powerful. More dynamic. More premium. BD
    • V8 GS? Seriously sometimes I think Lexus chooses to shoot them selves on the foot. They have all the resources available at their disposal and yet they remain stagnant.
    • V8s aren't big sellers in this class. And the Germans will have to go to turbo-sixes next time around for CAFE anyway. BD
    • Hyundai sells 5.0L V8 Genesis sedan that seems to be eating into GS's lunch. I wouldn't be surprised if Genesis is the biggest cross shopped partner of the GS