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Personalized Live Lexus Video from Tokyo Motor Show

Lexus R

As part of the RC 350 coupe reveal next week at the Tokyo Motor Show, Lexus is running a social media initiative through Twitter & Vine:

On the 21st, send your tweet to Lexus via Twitter – using the Twitter hashtag #LexusInTokyo – with your request for an up-close view of the design details of these stunning [RC & LF-NX] vehicles.

Between 9AM and 7PM (Japan Standard Time) on the 21st, Lexus will select 2 tweets per hour, film the requests and reply to your tweet with a short Vine video, giving you an engaging experience up-close without being at the motor show.

(While on the topic of the Tokyo Motor Show next week, I’ll be in Japan for the debut of the RC coupe as well — more details on that shortly.)

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I'm so confused. Is Lexus trying to make nests for birds or something? And what is with all the pound signs and lack of spacing?