More Photos of the Lexus RC Coupe

Lexus RC Photos from Motor Trend

Motor Trend has exclusive photos of the 2013 Lexus RC, including high-resolution images of the all-important front/side/rear of the car:

Lexus RC Front View
Lexus RC Side View
Lexus RC Rear View

Motor Trend also spoke with RC Chief Engineer Junichi Furuyama about the new production coupe and how it fits in the Lexus lineup:

Speaking of the IS, in asking Furuyama why Lexus wouldn’t use the brand awareness of their most popular sedan and just call this the IS-Coupe, he explained, “One thing I want to emphasize, the aim of introducing this new model RC is to add a new level of excitement to the existing Lexus lineup. This is not an IS Coupe, it is the RC, a new coupe in its own right. It is an independent model. It’s not a deviated version of the IS so it has its own unique styling and its own unique performance.”

While I’m still processing my own opinion on the new coupe, it’s a car that rewards multiple viewings — these Motor Trend photos are great, and I really recommend checking out the full gallery.

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