More Photos of the Lexus RC Coupe

Lexus RC Photos from Motor Trend

Motor Trend has exclusive photos of the 2013 Lexus RC, including high-resolution images of the all-important front/side/rear of the car:

Lexus RC Front View

Lexus RC Side View

Lexus RC Rear View

Motor Trend also spoke with RC Chief Engineer Junichi Furuyama about the new production coupe and how it fits in the Lexus lineup:

Speaking of the IS, in asking Furuyama why Lexus wouldn’t use the brand awareness of their most popular sedan and just call this the IS-Coupe, he explained, “One thing I want to emphasize, the aim of introducing this new model RC is to add a new level of excitement to the existing Lexus lineup. This is not an IS Coupe, it is the RC, a new coupe in its own right. It is an independent model. It’s not a deviated version of the IS so it has its own unique styling and its own unique performance.”

While I’m still processing my own opinion on the new coupe, it’s a car that rewards multiple viewings — these Motor Trend photos are great, and I really recommend checking out the full gallery.

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  1. I really like the taillights & the whole rear end , but still not sure on the front . :
  2. What I dont understand is that they scrapped every detail of the much praised LF-CC, and delivered this instead? Does not make much sense to me. The spindle grill is way to wide, and those foglights just looks cheap. The rear end and side of the car looks decent, but still the concept was waaay better. Still, I look forward to seeing it in a different colour and live shots.
    • The LF-CC didnt get "scrapped". It became the IS. Look at the tail lights of the IS and look at the tail lights on the CC. You'll get the idea...
    • No, the LF-CC was a concept for an IS coupe, which the RC is.
    • A concept isnt a concept for a specific car. It's a concept for testing out design ideas to be used in future models(or not) or just to Draw attention to the brand. You are wrong about everything...
  3. I absolutely love the design,inside and out,I just wish they'd offer it with the GS 450h's driveline. I can't help but think it would suit the car perfectly.
  4. WONDERFUL.. just wonderful. This looks high dollar and much more expensive then any of its competitors hands down. The rear end is sexy and aggressive... the side profile is strong and distinct... that interior LFA inspired while being rich and elegant. The front the grill will have to grown on me. The headlights I love. Overall the car is a high 9/10 for me.
    • I see a lot of the ft86 here and that not a bad thing. the front end should never look too good but a little awkard, that what made the supra supra, the front end of the ft86 is also not sexy and that how we like it. This is how the front end of this car should look. like it or hate but it got the attitude. good job lexus
  5. Don`t you think it is luxurious GT86? (I like both GT86, RC)
    • No, they're not even based on the same platform.
    • Of course they're not. The person just says it's a luxurious version of GT86.
    • What platform is it? Or where is it coming from? This care has own unique platform?
    • Same as the IS.
    • it absolutly an luxurious GT86. and we know how sexy that car is on the road. it got that Japanese toyota styling and it a lexus.
    • GT86 is for me more a "toy" (for amount of accessories) better for customization. I am looking for more "comfort", but I am afraid of starting price RC in Europe.
    • it probably be 37K less than BMW and MB which I never get why Lexus price their car so low it has been quality better everything but yet they lower their price to compete.. look at Caddy with the CTS it has nothing but its 7k more just because of that TTV6 ands all the pricing is on that's why that car wont sell
    • I am NOT interested in any american vehicle :-))). I had fews and never more. In our country GS250 is starting at 44.000 EUR, IS250 is starting at 32.000 EUR... If RC350 will be around 44.000 (because of standard 350 engine), it will be very nice. I hope it will be not more expensive.
    • And yes. BMW and MB are not "real" premium brands. For me. Rather any Toyota then any BMW. And yes, I am Toyota & Lexus fan.
    • They doesn't even share anything not even in looks all they share is a category "COUPE" they was design by different Toyota design company they doesn't share a part or looks
  6. Beautiful, especially the part between its rear and its front. Also the headlights are insanely good. A question, is this supposed to be the series-ready version of LF-LC?
    • Nope, LF-CC concept-to-production model.
    • Yes. This is a Production Version of the LF-LC. The LF-cc = New IS. Obvious by f.x the taillights.
    • Joe

      No, sorry, you've got that wrong. The LF-LC is a concept car of a much bigger coupe, that has to be seen as a possible competitor of a BMW 6 series, for example. This RC is on the level of the 4-series. The styling of the LF-CC has been taken over by the IS, that's right, but the overall shape and size of the LF-CC have been integrated in this RC.
    • You're wrong. There is nothing in the RC that comes from the LF-CC concept. Not a single thing. This is the LF-LC in Production form.
    • The LF-LC has a much lower stance, longer wheelbase, flowing lines, and is styled more exotically than the LF-CC/RC. It's rumoured to be poised as Lexus' flagship (New SC?) below the LFA, to compete with the 911 and whatnot.
    • Oh, you think a concept has a lower stance than a Production car?! Wow, that is a shocker. Lexus hasnt confirmed or said anything about the so-called future of the LF-LC, but blogs here and there are speculating wildly and taking statements out of context. This car has taken a lot from the LF-Lc concept and nothing from the LF-CC. use Your eyes!
    • Please dude your making yourself look like a fool... the RC is from the LF CC its like this the LF CC = IS = RC which is why they sharing a design cockpit ... the LF LC is something more of a ultra Luxury Coupe (LC) the LF CC (Compact Coupe) is the IS/RC compact vehicle or a large vehicle .. the blogs doesn't know anything they all hate Lexus and try hard to put down Lexus the LF LC is to be a new SC In the line up and sit between the GS and LS
    • BTW you say the RC doesn't share anything with the CC look at the interior for and then look at the LF LC concept both interior and exterior then go back to the IS and RC and study the design and tell me if the RC more resemble the CC or the LC ... that should answer your question
  7. The rear definitely is money with near perfect mix between lfa and IS but i gotta say, the front end looks like a first generation GS with ugly grill and outdated front bumper and fog lights that dont even match. Such a car should not have the IS leds which in my opinion work okay for the IS but in this one just look wrong.
  8. I love every side of it. The wide spindle grille looks great! The rear is so sexy, and the sides with those chrome lines, oh my, soo great!! :D
  9. Absolutely leading edge headlights and like no other....YES ! Beautiful at any angle....fantastic back view and tail lights....The RC-F will be much like the concept from here forward. Great job LEXUS !
  10. MT

    The car looks really great. Usually i am not the coupe kind of guy, but this car is really great!
  11. RAL

    The LF-CC embodies aggression (which is what everybody seems to want in this age of the transformers) but with appropriate Lexus L-Finesse . . . I think it is absolutely beautiful like the LF-LC (God help us when we see what they do to it!) . . . But this RC fails particularly both front and rear. The spindle is obtusely misshaped now with plastic-looking black teeth gritting onto a bulbous black lip. The fog lights look like add-ons. The blending of the front of the fenders into the headlights and grill looks deformed. The taillights look too busy and contrived . . . like "trying to but couldn't" . . . and the faux air vents look like plastic Halloween claws. I don't mean to be so vociferous but I'm really disappointed. I was expecting something at least commensurate to the refinement of LF-CC. Though I like the spindle grill of the LF-NX concept, it otherwise embodies this entire new styling genre. Maybe Akio should consider renaming the Lexus brand to something more 'aggressive'. Could that be why they've taken all the Lexus badges off? Lexus seems to be in an identity crisis . . . But what do I know . . . sales are up! Mine is just one old man's outdated opinion. I even held my nose and bought the spindled RX! So I guess we disillusioned brand loyalists will continue to hang on . . . I'm anxious to know your opinion krew. It has a way of leavening my loaf.
    • Lexus seem to be heading way down the path of over the top styling, and away from classic design. It doesnt work for me. I like what AMG is doing, its perfect aggresive yet classic style, with genuine performance to match, and its showing in sales numbers. Good luck Lexus, youve lost me, your are trying all too hard these days.
    • Well AMG will be happy to have you ... I rather love the new Lexus design ... other car maker in their class including MB AMG all their design are predictable because they used the same thing over and over... with Lexus it give us a bit of excitement design wise that's both luxurious and standout .... with the F SPORT provide amazing performance and unique styling ... my opinion is that their design doesn't come to life in picture but very well so in person... I though that the IS was ugly however when I first saw it I was blown away that I walk in front of the guy waiting at a light and look around the car.. the White and Gold paint is gorgeous and the F Sport is very aggressive it say move out the fucking way bitch... look at MB the CLA is an A CLASS the GLA is an A CLASS all the same in design both inside and out and cost a ton ... not to mention that same design reflects on the S CLASS and CLS it makes the brand looks cheap... MB is adding cars after cars but not with design because they recycle their work... look at bmw they have the 3 series in 10 different ways and names Coupe convertible GC GT
  12. I think this is the non-F Sport package coz judging on the earlier shots it has that different face treatment.
  13. This kills the Germans like a Ninja.
  14. I'm still trying to understand that front end. I need a comparison to the 4 series to make up my mind. Lexus lost me on this coupe that I was patiently awaiting.
  15. Lets wait for the F-sport model in a different colour.Then i can pass jugdement about front but so far everything else is perfect.
  16. Looks bad from every angle. At least it's consistent. Won't make anyone forget the old SC400.... BD
  17. OMW people just checked out Carwatch site and i have to say the Lexus RC350 has won just in the exterior department versus the BMW 435i.
    • lol it totaly destroys the BMW. my goodness, what a killer this lexus is!
    • WOW ! Those pictures are AMAZING ! The BMW looks so dated and OLD ! I am further impressed with the last photo of front end lit at night....what a change for LEXUS....will outsihine any German on the road.
  18. What this car has going for it are the new headlights and taillights. Everything else is horrible and cheap looking. Let me tell you why. Lexus did not have enough time to build a new chassis, I can guarantee and put money on it that they used the FT/GT-86 chassis. They may have added a few bolts, welds, stiffened it here and there but they're essentially the same. It's not the only Lexus; the Avalon and the ES share the same chassis. This car looks like molded plastic. Why? Lack of bold/flat edges and too many sharp edges. Ease off the curves and add more flatness. To fix this car, they need to increase the length of the hood so the engine sits further back improving the weight ratio and cut away/flatten the trunk. They need to start using bigger tires and drop the car a few inches; use darker/slimmer rims; stop recycling. Another thing I think would work for it is if they stopped using shiny chrome and used darker/smoky chrome/metals all around. They don't need to tell me that the body curves this way or that, let me see it and love it. Another disappointment, the car in so many ways looks like the IS; which is bad. Every Lexus vehicle needs to carry the Lexus persona but never look similar. In short, be sexy, be different, be BOLD, be Japanese but don't shove it in my face. Your customers don't need out of this world looks or the next transformer or a predator. A car can scream all of those things but with elegance. Look at the new Jaguar C-X 17, take a hint.
  19. Let's hope the front of this in the F-Sport version has a similar grille to the IS F-Sport. I don't understand the front at all, with the cheap fog lights that just need to be removed, and the upper grille that severely channels the previous generation IS. Otherwise, the car looks amazing. I can't wait to see it in black.
    • I agree. The vertical grille completely goes against the new design ethos at Lexus (and it's too early to go retro). Otherwise the whole package is starting to grow on me after initially not being impressed.
  20. Does anyone have an idea for a price on the RC-Coupe? Also, I don't like the front, they need to show it with the F Sport grille from the IS.
  21. So where is the RC-F?? Don't bother with the F Sport. Get to it Lexus! Give us a RC-F that runs circles around BMW.
  22. I wont if they would bring a grand coupe also but then they have the ES u know it probably would hurt sales of the ES/GS
  23. I am now waiting to see the production version of the LF-LC aka SC