Lexus Releases Second Commercial in Global Branding Campaign

Lexus SWARM Brand Commercial

Lexus has released the second installment of their global marketing campaign — this time, it’s a collaboration with KMEL Robotics in the aptly-titled SWARM:

Like the earlier STEPS commercial, this video doesn’t feature a Lexus vehicle at all — but instead of giant puppets, it’s a swarm of tiny quadrocopters escaping from museums and buildings to interacting with the world. It’s whimsical, fun to watch, and feels less like a commercial and more like a movie fragment.

The effort in making this video is extraordinary. There are three behind-the-scenes videos showing how SWARM was created — look closely and you can see the LFA’s tri-exhaust design cue on the quadtrocopters:

With similar initiatives like Lexus Short Films and the new INTERSECT brand spaces, Lexus is incredibly focused on building emotion into its brand — it reminds me of a quote from Lexus International vice-president Mark Templin at the opening of INTERSECT in Tokyo:

We may do a lot of things that people don’t understand right away. When we started all these design projects, we knew there would be a lot of traditional car people that would say “what are they thinking?”

All we ask is that they let it play out for a few years. We have a strategic vision of where we want to go, and we’re starting to lay the groundwork. It’s not the traditional approach to selling cars — this isn’t about incentives or selling as many cars as we can. It’s about building a stronger brand.

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