Lexus Releases First Commercial in New Global Brand Campaign

Lexus has released ‘Steps’, the very first commercial in their new Amazing in Motion global brand campaign:

From the Youtube description:

‘Steps’ is the first in a series of Amazing in Motion projects created by Lexus. Directed by Daniel Kleinman ‘Steps’ tells the story of an 11-ft tall figure brought to life by puppeteers as it moves through the city in search of something.

Not using actual Lexus vehicles in the commercial is a curious decision, and yet the whole thing is so unusual that I want to know what it all means — here’s more from the Design Matters press release:

High-technology 3-D printing was combined with fine craftsmanship to create the figures. Lexus materials, including bamboo and walnut found in the interiors of Lexus cars, as well as Lexus exterior paint, were used to construct the figures. Thanks to advanced technology and smooth artistry of puppeteers, the figures come to life on a grand scale.


  1. One thing's for sure, I never expected to see ninjas controlling a giant puppet in a Lexus commercial.
  2. A marriage of wood and metal; Lexus vehicles being the product of the two.
  3. I'm gonna cry.
    • Cry because it was good or cry because it was weird.... I'm at a loss of words regarding what I just saw...(insert Fry meme here)
  4. Ron

    A lot of these hi-tech commercials do nothing but feed the egos of over paid directors.
  5. This has to be one of the most bizarre car commercials I've ever seen. Interesting concept but I doubt most people will understand it.
  6. Great music, short/endearing/relatable story-line, and simple, not quite understated product shot at the very end; good work. Sometimes just associating certain emotions, or a pleasant feeling with the product, is the desired effect.
  7. Too artsy for me. I don't get it. But I liked seeing the LF-CC at the end! Grade: B- BD
  8. Proof they have finally lost the plot. Are we selling cars or art? Once Lexus stood for amazing quality and reliability, now who knows what it is, a lost brand.
    • Lexus is the art of getting from point A to point B, much like architecture is the art of shelter, or cuisine as the art of sustenance. Which part of this are you not getting?
  9. That was the stupidest thing I've ever seen.
  10. You have to consider their target demographic. They go to museums, and take pictures of this stuff. The customers that they want like this artsy stuff..... BD
  11. i think they stole the idea from a small art projekt google dundu
  12. What's the name of the song???
  13. "Steps" is one of the best commercials I have ever seen.
  14. This commercial is terrible
  15. What a great commercial....SO refreshing in a world of NOISE that drives one up the wall. The song, "Steps" is just beautiful....soft and calming, yet surprisingly attention grabbing. If I had the money, I'd put the Lexus high on my list of preferences....simply due to the music.
  16. Great commercial, it got me to look at the Lexus web site. Well done.
  17. horrible commercial, its the opposite of what a good commercial is. The emphasis is on anything but the product. Perhaps they should hire the company that does the apple commercials
  18. Love Lexus. Hate the new commercial.
  19. well it is 'different' .... and amazingly enough i was able to remember the brand, Lexus, associated with the spot despite the lack of centralizing the car. i get the critiques that it is too 'avant garde' for the car selling business (oddly i hear don draper in my head talking down to the jaguar car salesman from jersey) but sometimes you need to go conceptual instead of just hiring jon hamm to do the voicework.
  20. It is a wonderful commercial. Kind of fun, thought provoking and pleasant. I look forward to seeing it and looked it up on the web and I have never done that for a car commercial before. Nice job great art in using large puppets. Love them
  21. I want to know what the car offers me, not what some goofy director's vision is. If I'm going to spend $50k+ on a vehicle, they better be giving me real information on why I should buy their car instead of their competitors'. Dear Lexus, I'm taking you OFF my list because you've flat out insulted me by assuming I would be so pretentious that I would buy your vehicle based on a short film that had nothing to do with the product.
  22. have no idea why but so love this commercial !
  24. Lou

    This shows pure craftsmanship in my opinion and hard work.
  25. aC

    1 male android + 1 female android + gray/black moody back drop + unpleasant music + spooky story line = Feels like it's the end of the world. I just hate this Lexus TV ad. It plays every 10 minutes at prime time
  26. I think this commercial is awesome. I think Lexus has hit the mark with a commercial that people will remember and I am all the more impressed with Lexus for making it.
  27. personally i think the commercial is stupid and nothing to do with lexus and confirms i will not buy a lexus.
  28. This commercial is idiotic. It's as though someone pitched a supposedly high-brow idea, and everyone else was too intimidated to say it was stupid.
  29. Saw this in the movie theater and fell in love with it immediately - can't believe I'm saying that about a commercial. This has to be the most creative commercial I've ever seen! Bravo, Lexus!
  30. Best ad I've seen in decades! Wish I could afford a Lexus!