Lexus Releases First Commercial in New Global Brand Campaign

Lexus has released ‘Steps’, the very first commercial in their new Amazing in Motion global brand campaign:

From the Youtube description:

‘Steps’ is the first in a series of Amazing in Motion projects created by Lexus. Directed by Daniel Kleinman ‘Steps’ tells the story of an 11-ft tall figure brought to life by puppeteers as it moves through the city in search of something.

Not using actual Lexus vehicles in the commercial is a curious decision, and yet the whole thing is so unusual that I want to know what it all means — here’s more from the Design Matters press release:

High-technology 3-D printing was combined with fine craftsmanship to create the figures. Lexus materials, including bamboo and walnut found in the interiors of Lexus cars, as well as Lexus exterior paint, were used to construct the figures. Thanks to advanced technology and smooth artistry of puppeteers, the figures come to life on a grand scale.