Video Collection: The Lexus RC at the Tokyo Motor Show

Lexus RC 300h Coupe at the Tokyo Motor Show

There are plenty of Lexus RC videos floating around on Youtube — let’s start with this 360° view of the new coupe:

This Autoguide video of the RC is worth watching for the visuals, but the presenter’s over-the-top descriptors are a little much (he also makes a factual error, the RC is not a production version of the LF-LC):

Here’s another full rotation of the RC, along with similar footage of the LF-NX as a bonus:

Finally, here’s a zoomed-up look of the coupe, with scattered footage of the overall Lexus display at the Tokyo Motor Show:

As can be seen in all these videos, the paint on the RC coupe is exceptional — the newly-developed painting process is a five-layer body coating that includes a red undercoat and clearcoat, and it was stunning to look at.


  1. Is it going to come that droppped? This is a car that a license plate on the front can kill
  2. This car is shockingly beautiful in person.
  3. Is LF-NX new RX? Because LF-NX looks much bigger than expected.
  4. RC300h!!! Can`t wait for prices!
  5. This is the next beautiful car to come after the ft86
  6. It actually looks great in person and in front though I still think Lexus could have done a better job on that grille like the IS F Sport.
  7. first of all / thank you so much for this site i was wondering if you have any information regarding the possible introduction of a RC F-sports trim? any info or just your opinions if you have any? do you think they'll just have RC 350 / 300h and RCF? or will they have F sport versions also?