Lexus RC Sports Coupe to Debut at Tokyo Motor Show

Lexus RC Debut Tokyo

The long-awaited Lexus RC coupe will make its worldwide debut at the Tokyo Motor Show on November 20th — let’s get straight to the fresh new photos released moments ago:

Two versions will be unveiled: the RC 350, with a 3.5L V6 engine; and the RC 300h hybrid, with a 2.5L four-cylinder engine — the full press release follows.

Lexus RC Rear

  • Striking concept-to-reality coupe explores new frontiers for Lexus. 
  • High performance V6 gas and hybrid powertrains accentuate the strong sport-nature of RC.
  • New Lexus dedicated coupe with the most aggressive use yet of the iconic spindle grille.
  • High contrast interior colors with unique new trim create a driver’s cockpit that enhances the fun-to-drive intention of RC.

The all-new Lexus RC coupe will make its world debut at the Tokyo Motor Show on Nov. 20,2013. The press conference will be held at 8:45 a.m. and a live webcast stream of the event will be available at

Two RC models will be displayed at the Tokyo Motor Show – RC 350 with a 3.5-liter V6 engine, and the RC 300h hybrid with a 2.5-liter engine. Today Lexus released photos of the all-new RC in advance of the world premiere. The RC line brings to life the luxury marque’s focus on emotional appeal through a dynamic and alluring two-door coupe. It has been developed to raise the brand’s profile with a broader audience and new-to-Lexus customers. It injects emotional appeal into the Lexus DNA that is synonymous with build quality, refinement and reliability.

Exterior design

Lexus RC Side Profile

Lexus designers have infused the RC design with deeply contoured lines never before seen in the Lexus line-up. They have integrated the widest and lowest application yet seen of the Lexus spindle grille.

Triangular headlamps evoke the sporty characteristics of the LF-LC styling while concept vehicle inspiration is evident in the unique three-lamp LED design. At low beam, the lamps adopt an L-shaped pattern as an expression of the Lexus identity. The sharp, thin design of the rear combination lamps adopts the symbolic Lexus L-shaped motif.

RC’s aluminum wheels continue the concept-to-production design philosophy with two available combinations – a deeply sculpted 10-spoke 19-inch wheel or a muscular five-spoke 18-inch version, each precision-machined and finished with elegant black and platinum center caps.

A new Lexus painting process that uses multiple layers of clear and deeper-colored coating brings the RC coupe to life with a brighter and more contrasting shade, especially on the racy red exterior. 

The RC measures 4,695mm long, 1,840mm wide and 1,395mm high, with a 2,730mm wheelbase.

Interior design

Lexus RC Interior

Highly acclaimed sport concept vehicles have greatly influenced the interior of the RC coupe, with maximum use of contrasting colors, materials and lighting. A purpose-built Lexus-first lighting package provides a great sense of occasion, with illumination that reflects upwards, rather than downwards, to envelop the interior.

High contrast interior trim, including a new tone called Clove, emphasize design lines and accentuate the elegant cabin. Genuine shimamoku wood highlights – the result of an intense, layered wood production technique refined by Lexus – are used to emphasize the surrounding trim.

The driver’s cockpit is divided into operational and display zones. The upper zone houses the instrument panel and a seven-inch navigation screen while a layered center console integrates a new Lexus first Remote Touch Interface.

Important for a coupe, the seats utilize an integrated foaming construction method – much like the molding of racing seats – to ensure optimum occupant comfort and support.

Lexus will host a press conference at Tokyo motor show for the unveiling of the new RC at 00:45am GMT on 20 November. The event will also be broadcast in a live webstream at


  1. Have to say, the exterior is a disappointment, particularly this version of the Spindle Grille. It is the worst rendition to date, beating the Lexus ES for worst. The RC Concept was infinitely sexier! This retains the greenhouse and proportions, but takes several steps back in style. Like the interior, but would like something besides the black dash (says cost cutting when you can have any color you like, as long as it's black) This would be a great time and place to offer something new, as in an increase in power, for the 3.5 V6. But something tells me don't expect anything there either. Sad to see the promise wasn't kept, in style anyway...... BD
  2. Looks great except the front grille! Why is it so wide down low!? It looks like a fish, and then the puny fog lights? Sorry front is no, everything else is beautiful. RC-F where you at!?
    • After seeing the full gallery here: It doesn't look half bad, actually pretty aggressive. I'll await full judgment until in person
    • The full gallery makes it look even worse. It sucks! Aggressive isnt a superlative.
    • I think the wide, lower grille throws off the car's look but I think it's mainly and aggressive stance and car that will probably look better in f sport and f forms
    • I agree. Aggressive isn't a superlative. When they are going to realize this???
    • I dont know. Theyre not the sharpest Tools these People. Seems to be some american thing. Aggressive=not good.
    • I agree with Bobby, that after seeing the full Gallery that it looks much more aggressive. Remember the initial pictures of the IS and then seeing the real deal in person and in various shades made a huge difference. I think it looks quite dashing and unique to what is on the road. It will separate LEXUS even further from the competition. This will be just fine and we do not have RC-F yet. LEXUS is always cautious about going "full throttle" on the initial introduction design and putting all the best at first. This also leaves them open for future updates, changes and keeping up customer interest one refresh and generation to another.....In my honest opinion the RC-F will look very close to concept......let's all cool our jets a bit on being too critical out there.
  3. Have to say, the exterior is a disappointment, particularly this version of the Spindle Grille. It is the worst rendition to date, beating the Lexus ES for worst. The RC Concept was infinitely sexier! This retains the greenhouse and proportions, but takes several steps back in style. Like the interior, but would like something besides the black dash (says cost cutting when you can have any color you like, as long as it's black) This would be a great time and place to offer something new, as in an increase in power, for the 3.5 V6. But something tells me don't expect anything there either. Sad to see the promise wasn't kept, in style anyway...... BD
    • I agree the concept looks better. I wonder how much regulation came into play. Pedestrian crash safety standards etc. Perhaps that concept is simply not feasible in the real world.
  4. I appreciate that Lexus have been taking risks lately but this one seems a bit too fussy esp considering this isn't even an F model. The fake rear vents are unnecessary and the front quarter surfacing is a bit unresolved. As a whole I do like it but there are small details that need to be refined.
  5. I really like it! IMO it's by far the best Spindle Grill setup. Seems to have successfully infused the previous luxury/classy Lexus design with the new sporty Lexus design. The 3IS exterior and interior were let downs compared to the 2IS. I must say Lexus seems to have redeemed themselves with this! The interior seems to also have improved upon the 3IS And the performance from the 3.5L 2GR-FSE is still tops. WIN
  6. Lexus please increase the horsepower of the RC350 coupe to 335 - 340 HP from the 3.5 Liter V6. With direct injection, it is easy to extract more horsepower for quicker acceleration. Then there should be the ultimate coupe RC-F producing 475 - 480 HP from the masterpiecce 5.0 Liter V8 from the IS-F.
    • 306HP is obviously underrated for the 3.5L engine. It's a rating since 2006 as this engine creates a big and extremely flat torque palette 330HP is more accurate
    • Well with the new SAE rating, it could be more or it could be less. The only way to find out is if they hook the engine up to a dyno machine with all the accessories in place and active. I think most manufacture test these engines without their accessories.
    • No it is not underrated and I do realize it has direct injection. I was merely pointing out, there is another 25 - 30 HP to be had from the engine. On the dynos, I have seen it put down consistently 240 - 245 wheel HP. With the typical 15 - 17% drivetrain loss, it comes out to be around 300 HP. The 3IS primarily has been running 14.0 in the 1/4 mile with a 98 - 99 mph trap speed, which is quite unacceptable considering all other cars are running 13.x in the 1/4 mile. I am not a straight line buff at all, but still there should be a decent level of straight line speed a sports coupe should have.
    • The 2IS was the fastest car in class 0-60mph It easily done high 13 1/4 runs easily. The 3IS gained extra weight. Hopefully this coupe could come under 1600kg and with the 8-speed you should easily see mid to high 13 1/4 mile with the same 306HP Take a look at the extremely linear power curve of the 2GR-FSE Not to mention the velvety smoothness of it.
    • The current 3.5 has direct injection. I don't think it needs more power. Plently of people who purchase the 350 finds it adequate. If they want more power, then the RC-F should satisfy them.
  7. Wow! Lexus has taken bad-design cues from the users of this blog. Big FAIL!
  8. Believe it or not, it looks amazing in my eyes, now I am waiting the prices I love it
  9. Oh dear, the front treatment on the IS took a bit of getting used to but this.. The front end looks a mess, the vertical "slats" in the grille look even cheaper than non F sport IS. Not liking the fussy rear lights and the vents at rear sides. Somehow looks like it should be an Infinity (from the side also). The interior is great though. Press will of course criticise it for being too much like the IS inside despite the Germans playing the same game. Maybe it will look better in the metal like the IS does?? (Hopefully)
  10. High-res gallery:
  11. So stunning! My favourite Lexus design to date!
  12. Notice the interior of which it uses the new touchpad system as found in the concept!
  13. Not a huge fan of the spindelgrille in this case, looks a bit overdone. Think I'll have to judge it in person. Everything else is spot on though!
  14. Guys Relax take comfort that this is not the F-sport model its just the base model.
  15. and we have just only seen it with this colour configuration.
  16. This is the ugliest car I have ever seen! It looks like a retarded fish from Fukushima.
  17. The reception it is getting on Motor Trend is pretty remarkable.
  18. Hopefully, the LF-LC Concept doesn't suffer the same fate. This is your mulligan, Lexus..... BD
  19. Front: Not sure why they went with vertical lines in the grill, looks "off" compared to the horizontal we've been seeing. Also looks too wide bit awkward. Rear: very nice All in all: I also hope the F-Sport and RC-F look more aggressive, this lost some of the character the IS had. The new tri headlights (assuming LEDs) are nice. Too bad they will likely not be included on F-Sport RWD model in Canada based on previous package offerings
  20. I'd marry Miley Cyrus if that car were the dowry! ;-)
  21. Are we living in opposite land? Cause this is the sexiest Lexus I ever seen. Makes all the bland German coupes look dull and uninspired. This car is truly lust inducing....
  22. the F-Sport version better have the lfa gauges hating the lexus' vanilla gauges, it looks too... vanilla
  23. BMW 4 series, Audi A5 and Mercedes C-Coupe designers must be committing Hara Kiri right now after seeing the Lexus RC. They know that the Lexus RC design stomps all over their cars LOL.
  24. Lexus ! While inside I did not expect much more than IS model which is just fine, altough I expected to see at least 450h engine. However the biggest issue here is that it's not even close to cool and sexy prototype! What happend ??? Why cant You make it anywhere close to the concept? Rear end is like each and every car on the street, while front is neither fun nor sporty... simply ugly. With 300h engine in Europe it will compete with what? Nissan Leaf? Sorry but current IS looks far better than this...
  25. I'm not impressed and I highly admire Lexus vehicles. Lexus created the perfect production ready concept in the LF-CC and would have really offered an compelling choice versus other vehicles in the segment but they chose to alter the vehicle and produce this extra wide spindle car that's not very appealing from the front. Give the spindle a break. Hopefully when outfitted in full RC-F sport attire it will stand out in a more positive way. BMW now has my fully attention with the 4 Series coupe and upcoming performance oriented M4.
    • Exactly what I thought. When looking at it, I'm not amazed, no WOW factor, it passes by, and that's not what it supposed to be... not for a more sporty car. A revision of the concept of the LF-CC, that's was what I expected. Even the updated Mercedes E Coupe looks sexier...
  26. The best car ever. That's my next car!
  27. Exceptionally beautiful in every detail, inside and out, except...the grill. Now from insect to fish :D
  28. RAL

    What a disappointment . . . it looks like the LF-CC has been severely injured . . . and the plastic surgeon stretched and reshaped as best one could. BD is so right . . . this final rendering is several steps back in style . . . in so many ways . . . to say the least!
  29. Exciting looks! Much bolder than is usual for Lexus, but then it is a sport coupe, will sell. Signs that Lexus is gaining confidence in their design department and is prepared to put their cars out there looking stunning and they no longer simply blend into the background.
  30. That fron rendering is ugly as hell. Looks like an uglier Nissan Juke. That bottom grille is way too fat, and that black cross bumper is too huge. I hope the Concept is what makes it into production and not that fat grille. At least, the rear bumper is absolutely stunning and aggressive.
  31. Don't like the exterior. The side lines are not clean and simple like other Lexus's and the LF-CC concept. That front grille is also horrible especially with the black glossy bar. It should have been full mesh. Hopefully the F-Sport looks better or if this is the F-Sport then the normal version. Grille is too wide too
  32. MT

    I am curious what engines we will get here in Europe. Obviously not the 350, as this engine never was on the EU market and i don't think this will change. I hope the 2AR hybrid won't be the only engine we get as this would be killing sales before it started.
    • The 3.5L engine is so good.. Too bad you miss out in EU due to your government.
    • I think Europe will for sure get the 300h and F versions. You would think Lexus will have to offer something in between like the new 2 litre turbo engine.
  33. Honeslty, I like it. There are some things that could be fixed. But I am also very confused. Why is that we saw spy shots of this and the rear screamed GS like rear. We could see it clearly. And if you look at the spy shots the grille isn't so big. What model is that because I am very confused!
  34. I checked out the link left by Bobby....Plenty of pics to check out the very aggressive new design. The handful of pics in this article don't do the RC justice. Very nice in my opinion and I hope the engines will complement the style!
  35. Other than the front the car looks cool specially the rear... sexy
  36. I love that rear!!!!! and the side profile too..but the front..hmmmm. Let's see here, I would prefer the fog lights to be in the vents somewhere not at the chrome piece and is it my screen or is predator front looks wide and spread out and ugly? For some reason the rest of the line up looks fine but this looks weird. Guess I'll wait to see in person or real world photos to get a better angle./
  37. I'm not sure about that front end, I hate the lights.The side profile is sexy as hell and the back is amazing. That front.....hope this is not the final product.
  38. It definitely stands out. Lexus is utilizing a "love it or hate it" approach to their new design. In the end, it may alienate some of their base, but may pay off handsomely with new, younger buyers.
  39. EVERYONE GO TO THIS LINK !!!!!! This car looks epic !
  40. I have to wonder why Toyota filed a trademark (#1644774) for RC 500 and RC500 F in Canada on September 24, 2013. We already know about the one for RC F filed on November 2, 2012, but why another one? Is this for the Super GT500 race car or for an additional model aside from the RC-F? That would be pointless in having two V8 RC models, but perhaps this points to a new 500 designation for future V8 Lexus models?
    • Someone explains it here. They might be having difficulties securing full rights to RC F (at least in canada) as there is another company who has it.
  41. That ass is so nice!!! and so are those headlights!! I keep on coming back to check them out, amazing!
  42. The rear end is freakin beaitful. Aggressive.. I love the shape of the trunk.
  43. Not impressed. The car looks like it's based off the Toyota FT-86. Don't get me wrong, the car does have some nice internal features and some great ideas but Lexus needs to wake up and recognize the competition. Mercedes, BMW, Audi etc.. are all laughing their asses off right now. The exterior/body designs are not up to par. I have/had great respect for Lexus but this car is a joke in every sense of the word. It will sell because there's always at least one person in a million that will love it and can afford it but what Lexus needs is a fan base of 1:5 with 1 in a thousand that will buy it. Saying "our cars are revolutionary and bold" is not enough and will only get you so far. If anyone from Lexus is reading, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE stop wasting time and money and go look back at why the LFA was successful! It wasn't because the car looked different, it's actually quite normal looking. It was the screaming sound of the exhaust, the exhilarating feeling that the drivers felt, how fast it was, the carbon fiber, overall beauty. Enough with the cartoonish, over the top designs and rethink your strategy. BOLD =/= spindle grill or crazy LED lights. You need to build a following through a signature design that carries over through all your classes. I'm not sure how your CEO feels about this car but if I were him I would fire the person who approved the design of this car and the next time someone designs something based off your cheaper/budget company I would fire the whole team. If you keep this up KIA will pass you in the next few years; thanks to Peter Schreyer.
    • What are you talking about. This thing is far more bold and pronounced than the 4-series which looks extremely bland and uninspiring. Or Audi which all look the same. This is also an original design, i cannot think of another car which looks similar. Also look at the complex surfaces and shapes used for the body panels and illumination sources (lights) etc. They are very unique. Not to mention the usual unprecedented standards of Lexus build quality and you have a winner.
    • The GS from that came in 2006 was a beauty. So was the LS. This is not! They who are whining about "bold" design are mostly People who think "Pimp My Ride" is pure greatness.
    • I'm sure the BMW/Audi/Mercedes CEOs just fired their car designers after seeing the new Lexus RC : their reason : "Why can't you design sexy coupes like the Lexus RC? Instead we get boring-ass cars like the 4 series/A5 and C-coupe!!"
  44. Just the best looking production Lexus ever. It looks like a supercar. Germans, especially A5 and 4 Series look so boring next to this, 4 Series even has wrong proportions. This Lexus is mindblowing. I'm tired of all other cars that look the same.