Lexus RC Official Photo Gallery

Lexus RC Hero Image

Along with the launch video, Lexus has released a new set of RC coupe photos — let’s divide it up into a couple different groups.

Lexus RC in Silver

Lexus RC in Silver

Lexus RC in Red

Lexus RC in Tokyo

Lexus RC Interior

Lexus RC Interior Tokyo

Lexus RC Technical Images

Lexus RC Technical

Looking through these photos, the car looks much better in person — more sculpted, much bolder than images can accurately capture.

Hopefully my live photos from the Tokyo Motor Show are more accurate, closer to reality than these studio shots — a full photo gallery is on the way.


  1. WOW ! The Silver is so Kick Ass Gorgeous....My favorite color of all time. Enhances the curves and angles and the back end is awesome.....Will the "L" LED headlights only be on the RC 350 ?
  2. I can only imagine how fine the RC F will be.....
  3. Door handles have a new cool design to them, they swoop up
  4. I've been waiting for this car since my 2001 Lexus IS300. The shape of the roof line is hot.
  5. I can't help but feel like those grill slats should be going the other way. I love the rest of the car though. The F sport looks great.
  6. I completely agree that the RC looks far better in Silver however where is the RC-F Sport?? The RC-F Sports more aggressive styling and revised grille/bumper should further enhance the looks - something that's surely needed. Lexus is blowing this launch in so many ways - coupled with this polarizing design direction across the line, I'm nearly ready to abandon the brand.
    • RAL

      "polarizing design direction across the line" . . . Are you referring to the spindle grill/transformer look?
    • You guessed it RAL. Styling as a whole recently has not been the best in my opinion. Although these designs are frozen years in advance, I've seen artists. students and enthusiast alike craft Lexus designs that I find more appealing. Clearly, more goes into a finished design that a sleek drawing but there are more ways to shake the industry up as opposed to producing polarizing models. In terms of the RC, I feel that we were all mislead into thinking the LF-CC would be the basis for a production RC and that simply was not the case. The LF-CC was perfection and most would agree with that statement. When it comes to a luxury sports sedan/coupe at this price point, I want to be admired for my impeccable style and good taste, create a stir without offending, be immersed in leading edge features and steer heart pounding performance with each ride. I just feel that Lexus is missing that mark these days and the brand is not meeting my expectations as an owner. The standard RC is NOT attractive from the front, the rear has unnecessary vents and the interior does not differentiate itself enough from the sedan (another mess). The side view is by far its best. Again, I can only hope the RC-F Sport and RC-F V8 will redeem the model, otherwise the M4 is looking mighty appealing these days from whats been revealed. I love Lexus and I want the brand to thrive, I just feel they can do better as the competition is not resting. As for future models - the concept LF-LC is likely the replacement for the SC - I saw the vehicle in person at the NAIAS and was not impressed - the spindle grille definitely took away from the overall design as opposed to enhancing it due to its size and shape. Hopefully it will morph into a more desirable vehicle. As far as present models - the GS design is boring and the grille makes it worse. I drove the vehicle and its woefully under-powered. The GS-F can't come soon enough. The ES went through its evolution fine however its Camry based and the Avalon is nearly as handsome for would-be ES buyers. Lastly, the LS - a model I want most to succeed needs to be redesigned properly as luxury vehicles in this segment, especially Mercedes, have incredible offerings with its S Class, S63/S65 AMG, hybrid and diesel models. Lexus is most known for its LS and it must exceed expectations while growing its customer base with an attractive design and features. 2015/2016 can't arrive soon enough for the LS. Clearly lots on my mind and hopefully I've stated some things that resonate with other readers of this great blog.
    • RAL

      I believe the ES is now based on the Avalon after the increase in rear legroom. But I agree with all of your thoughtful insights; they are spot on! Thanks for taking the time. It is good to know there are other Lexus loyalists who feel this way. I was at the dealer yesterday and had the time to carefully look over the ES, IS, GS, and LS. It suddenly occurred to me that I was trying to talk myself into liking any of them. This new styling trend is just bizarre. As another has said, it is like Lexus is trying too hard and is in an identity crisis. It is as if the front of the cars do not blend with the understated elegance of the rest of the vehicle. Since the GS redesign I've tried to convince myself I like the new look. But even my wife . . . not being a detail person . . . said when she first saw the GS spindle grill . . . "It looks like Darth Vader's helmet!" I hadn't told her, but I thought the same thing when I first saw it. And now this spindle grill is the visual trademark of the brand. I think the spindle on the LF-NX is the best iteration, but the rest of the vehicle looks like a "transformer" monstrosity. You say it so well . . . .this new design genre cannot be admired for style and good taste . . . which is what I thought L-Finesse defined. Your word is perfect; this trend is "polarizing". I wonder how many owners are like us when we got our '13 RX . . . we held our nose looking at the front end. My ES needs replacing, so I am hoping this spindle look can somehow be refined with the refresh. We've owned 6 Lexus vehicles, but I too am tempted to leave the brand.
    • Thank you for the reply as I'm confident we're not alone in our thoughts about the Lexus brands present direction. I agree that the European manufacturers are very focused - they lose their way sometimes (BMW/Bangle) but the entire industry should have learned from that era. If Lexus is attempting to re-define itself now its looking through a carnival mirror and is presently in an identity crisis. They simply needed to build upon what had already been done well. The CEO of Toyota is clearly focused on performance and wishes to ensure that high output options are available for customers, I simply would like to see better designs and a broader product line-up. Toyota has immense financial resources and access to an incredible pool of talent that can create designs that are indeed pleasing to the eye. Buyers shouldn't have to force themselves into liking a model because of brand loyalty as there are far too many options and informed consumers. Lexus earned there way into my driveway and they'll have to do so each time I'm prepared to purchase. Btw, its interesting that you and your wife thought Darth Vader when gazing upon the spindle. I immediately thought Battlestar Galactica Cylon ;-)
  7. SIlver one for me! Superb!
  8. LEXUS will be just fine...."you can't be EVERYTHING to EVERYBODY" and LEXUS knows this. The spindle grill and aggressive forward thinking is working and increasing sales. The future is very BRIGHT with LEXUS and more surprises on the way ! LEXUS has never been one to put everything up front at additions, refresh intervals and keeping the market yearning for more.....IS THAT NOT WHAT WE ARE DOING RIGHT NOW ?.......GIVE IT SOME THOUGHT.