Lexus IS Owner Blog: I Hate Winter

Lexus IS Blog Snow

Earlier this month, my family had a fun night planned — my daughter was scheduled to dance at a dinner celebrating the birthday of Scottish poet Robbie Burns, and all week we looked forward to the event. Just hours before, a cold system swooped in and dumped a blanket of snow over the region. We couldn’t go.

Shortly after, while I was out on an errand run, some bro in a Ford F150 abandoned all sense, gunning around the corner of an intersection where I sat waiting at a red light. His tires lost traction, his truck pirouetted in slow motion, and the bed of his truck came inches away from my driver door. He jumped the curb, drove over the sidewalk and sped away.

Lexus IS Snow Wheel

Then it was more snow, and more snow. Walking to the car in a mall parking lot, I couldn’t find my gloves in any of the fifteen pockets of my parka. Fumbling, I slid on a patch of ice, my feet bobsledded under the car and I almost smashed my face into the side mirror.

Bad luck abounds, it comes in bunches. By pure accident, I was caught driving in a whiteout, the snow whipping across the car so badly I could feel the wind’s desire to push us into a ditch. I pulled over until the worst of the weather subsided, and I white-knuckled it home, never breaking 30 miles an hour.

Winter is here, and it sucks. No matter the vehicle, no matter the tire, no matter the tech, the dangers are real and ever-present. Stay safe out there, my friends.

Lexus IS Snow Blog

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