Lexus IS Owner Blog: An Interview with My Wife

I recently interviewed my wife Karissa to see what she thinks of our Lexus IS 300. She opted to handwrite her responses.

What do you like most about the IS?

Lexus IS Interview 1

What’s your favorite feature?

Lexus IS Interview 2

What’s the one thing that’s missing?

Lexus IS Interview Karissa 3

What do you think about the Atomic Silver/Black color combo?

Lexus IS Interview

How has the IS worked for our family?

Lexus IS Interview 5

This IS 300 AWD was made possible by the folks at OpenRoad Lexus Richmond, the premier Lexus dealership in British Columbia and a proud sponsor of Lexus Enthusiast.

IS Owner Blog
Car play will be on the 19 ES, UX, RC, NX, LS and LC. We will start seeing them in September or October
Great! Any idea if it'll be available as a firmware update for the 2018 LS?
It won't be. The Apple Car play and Alexa will start being available on the 19s but it won't be something you can add on to the older models.
Eddie Clark
I really love Lexus but I won't buy another one until they update the infotainment system... It's really inconvenient and more of a distraction than it's worth. I keep an Android tablet in my IS for that reason.
Good point... Just purchased IS350 FSport3 and I'm still getting used to the infotainment system. Navigating it seems too complicated. The mouse is a pain to use!
The mouse was a pain, the touchpad they replaced it with is a definite improvement.
After reading the above, I can't help but gloat and feel relief that I'm in Miami and don't have to put up with that stuff! :grinning:

I'm relieved to hear that those incidents didn't turn out far worse for you or your Lexus.
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  • January 29, 2019
Ah yes winter ... I've cancelled several outings in order to keep the new ES in the garage ... out of the crap! I feel for all of you who don't have a choice but to go out anyway. This polar vortex swooping up and down is vexing! Stay safe everyone!

@Joaquin Ruhi, I grew up in Miami. Just rotations of Spring and Summer for the most part, you fortunate man! I noticed it was 70 degrees (F) in Key West at 10 PM the other night.

Our Danish son, looking at his phone?!?, on St. Pete's Beach, Florida ... Sorry, long way from IS owners blog ... except that on snowy/icy winter days, I wish I had my IS 300 AWD back!
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Do you use dedicated winter tires in USA?
That is one of the reasons I left New Jersey for Georgia over 11 years ago. I cannot stand snow. Glad you made it home safely.
The craziest part is that here in Toronto we barely had any snow until last week :sob::sob::sob:
I hate the cold. Its cool for a week tops. Unfortunately I was asked to move from Miami back to Atlanta and I'm freezing now (high 20s, low 30s today)...

Next lifetime I guess...
Yes but it will be in the high 60's next week here in Gwinnett County.

Lexus IS Owner Blog: An Interview with My Wife

Always good to listen to your wife ;)
Hey guys new here on the Lexus Enthusiast. Just leased a 2019 Lexus IS300 F Sport 2 months ago in black with black interior.

Had a question about how your transmission shifts. I have the AWD 6 Speed Transmission as well.

So prior to this car I had a BMW 3 Series and the Dodge Challenger GT AWD, and both those cars shifted through the gears very smoothly.

I have noticed on 1-4th gear that I can feel the shifts on my f sport. Is anyone else experiencing that?

Thanks guy!!!