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Hybrids Dominating Lexus Europe Sales

While Lexus may need a huge advertising campaign to bring awareness to their hybrid model range in the US, it couldn’t be any different in Europe, where hybrids are accounting for a major percentage of vehicles sold. In 2007, 38% of all Lexus sales in Eastern Europe were hybrids, up from 26% in 2006, and […]

Consumer Reports names the Lexus LS 460L the #1 Luxury Sedan of 2008

Consumer Reports has released its top picks for 2008, and among the ten winners, the Lexus LS 460L was chosen as the #1 luxury sedan: With a score of 99 out of 100 in CR’s road test, the LS 460L ($77,000) is CR’s highest-rated vehicle. It provides a no-compromise environment of comfort and roominess, coupled […]

Lexus UK updates RX Entertainment Package

Lexus UK has debuted an upgraded backseat entertainment package for the RX called ICE, which is short for In-Car Entertainment. It consists of two eight-inch LCD screens with an integrated DVD player, USB and SD card readers, plus more: Two pairs of infrared headphones are provided, which are about 20 per cent smaller than before, […]

Lexus to increase production capacity by 35%

In order to stay on top of demand in Russia, China, and other emerging markets, Lexus will be ramping up their production capacity by a staggering 35%, from 600,000 to 850,000. The Nikkei Business Daily reports: Toyota now makes Lexuses at its Tahara plant, in Aichi Prefecture, and at Toyota Motor Kyushu Inc.‘s Miyata facility, […]

Flagship Lexus Dealership opens in Oman

A new Lexus dealership has opened in Oman (the country just south of the United Arab Emirates), and it was quite an event, attended not only by Toyota executive vice-president Akio Toyoda but practically the entire Oman ruling class. Starting off with a performance by juggler Michael Moschen, the grand opening quickly escalated into a […]

Lexus IS Convertible Spotted

A Lexus IS convertible coupe has been spotted out in the wild, and was photographed by an unnamed German magazine. Here’s a blown-up image, for a better look: As for the accompanying text, there’s some horsepower number ranging from 177 to 423, which translates right across the entire IS lineup, from the 220d to the […]